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Duda’s Bombs Soften Loss

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

If a loss includes an inspirational performance from one of our guys than I can live with it. 

And Lucas Duda destroying 2 pitches to snap his power drought qualifies as inspirational. I’ll trade this loss for a kickstart of Duda’s bat in a heartbeat. 

People around baseball don’t realize how dangerous Lucas Duda really is and if he just started clicking June could be the month he blossoms into the national star BMF is. Convinced he’s gonna be. 

Quick Hits:

•  Bullpen is weary and it showed last night. 

• Why was Torres playing so shallow ok Schneider’s fly ball??? There has to have been a miscommunication there… I think…

• Thanks to Dudas 2 blasts Hairston no longer leads the team in HR’s with 6

Hefner Studs Out!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

I don’t think “stud out” is a legit term for use in the english language but it’s befitting of Jeremy Hefner’s outing last nite. 

The kid not only pitched well enough to beat the Phils but he also notched his first Big League win AND clubbed a HR for good measure.

It was a big game from our emergency pitcher. Who all told has done his part to keep things moving for the Mets. Chris Young is getting closer to returning so Hefner’s fate is far from certain but if he keeps posting W’s he just might stick around.

Scott Hairston hit a HR of his own and now LEADS THE METS IN HR’s!?!?  Wha-?  

If Scott Hairston is the leading slugger on this team something ain’t right.

It’s unfair to get on Wright since he’s been above .400 most of the season but hello Lucas Duda - where’s that prodigious power???

Ike has been a catastrophe but jeez Scott Hairston leads the team with 6 HR? Thats pathetic and proves once and for all that the fences weren’t the problem — it’s the Mets.

But the good news is somehow, someway we’re just a game and a half out of first place.

Mets v Phils

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Can we please beat this under manned / under performing Phillie team?

Game thread…

Rough Waters Ahead

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

OK so we lost to Philly 8-4. It’s  not about one game though as we enter a potentially brutal stretch with no Pirates or Padres on the schedule. Instead its Phillies and  Cardinals, the Nats and then the AL East - ugh.

Can we go toe to toe with the big dogs? Do we belong in the postseason discussion? We should have a much better gauge of this team 2 weeks from now. 

What a weird injury to Justin Turner. I woulda swore it was a hamstring instead of an ankle. It looked like he pulled up lame just before hitting the bag awkwardly.

I thought he tore the hammy, maybe clean off the bone but somehow it was the ankle - weird.

Meanwhile everything went wrong on that play as the Phils zipped the ball around the IF and prevented the runner from coming home until Turner got hung up between 1st and 2nd unfortunately Turner didn’t last long enough for the runner to cross the plate. 3rd out - no run - and a DL stint for Turner - a complete disaster.

Banner Day Robbery!

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

BMF’s buddy Jon “King of Banner Day” Keller (aptly named from his dominance of Banner Day in the 70-80’s) was flat out robbed when his entry was denied any award.

Word is the top 3 winners were crowned and Jon’s masterpiece (shown here) that he spent over 80 hours handpainting  was shut out - SHOCKING!!!! Even though BMF’s friend Dwight Gooden was one of the judges a great injustice was perpetrated.

At least the Mets won 2-0

Banner Day Game

Sunday, May 27th, 2012


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