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Bay? Is that You?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Don’t look now but Jason Bay is knocking on the door to come out of his imposter self.

Not only did he yolke his second HR of the year he also robbed a go-ahead HR off the bat of Jack Wilson in the 5th. I’ve really been discouraged by Bay and had zero hope for him,  but my Mets Spidey Sense is tingling and it’s telling me Jason Bay is awakening. 

Ike Davis is wide awake as well  parking the eventual game winning 3R HR. It’s been so long since Ike was crushing I forgot what it was like… but amped to watch his career take off again. 

And to complete the tri-fecta of good: Dillon Gee threw a Gem. 1R, 4H, 1BB, 5K in 7IP. This kid is the most under the radar Met I’ve seen in a decade? I love how low profile Gee remains. Our own fanbase is still yet to even get excited by Gee but he could be a fantastic pitcher for us…

7-3 … WOW!

Let’s Take Down the Braves

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Game thread…

Pelf Gets it Done - Pen Doesn’t

Monday, April 16th, 2012

If we weren’t currently a 6-3 team I would call Sunday a tough loss. It was a game we could’ve won but in a 162 game marathon it’s gotta be taken in stride.

The good news is Mike Pelfrey, who after some early struggles straightened himself out and picked up steam as the game progressed. In fact after Big Pelf’s departure the Phils immediately began scored to tie it and then take the lead on Ramon Ramirez and Manny Acosta.

Once Tejada’s throw pulled Ike off the bag the floodgates opened and it was quickly out of reach. 

But more good news is we’re still just a half game out of first and that’s merely because Washington won their one extra game.

A 6-3 start deserves celebration so let’s stay on the bright side of things.

Once Big Pelf gutted out those rough early innings and found his groove he began rolling. We all know Pelfrey has the goods he just needs to harness the mental aspect so a start like this makes me think he may get back around the corner again he turned 2 years ago.

Even though Duda has been hitting bombs I want to see him pick up  his average before it gets too late into april and he spends the rest of the season catching up.

The good news is Duda was 2-4 including a single off Papelbon and another hit off a lefty a match-up that’s been terrible for him. 

Wright continues to rake going 2-4 which dropped(!) his avg to .351

Ike looks like he may be turning it on with a 2 run bomb and 2 hits himself. If Ike Davis starts clubbing like the “old Ike Davis” we’re really gonna be able to win some games

Too bad we’re going to Atlanta next where things rarely go well for us… But hopefully that’s changing for us as well…

Sweep in Philly on Deck…

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Sure would be fun

Game thread…

Wright is BACK!

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

What fractured pinky were we talking about again?

Who did we expect to hit the DL? Couldn’t have been David Wright the guy who jackked the 1st pitch he saw yesterday out of the yard.

That would be the same Wright who went 3-5 to raise his avg to .588 on the year… Yes the guy is hitting friggin’ .588. HOLY  CRAP FIVE EIGHTY EIGHT!!!

To me there is no doubt D-Wright has returned to the upper echelon of ball players. He’s gonna need to do it longer than a week for the rest of baseball to catch on but BMF is already sold.

HUGE win - second straight in Philly is tremendous. Niese was great again firing 6.2 scoreless frames… Are the Mets going to compete this year?


I complain about this every year so why not in 2012:

I’ve lost track of how many years SNY has refused to adapt to the Phillies new shade of red but the graphic they use still has the maroon Philly red from the Mike Schmidt era as opposed to the brighter red currently in use for the J-Roll Phils. 

You would think someone would notice this since every single time a Phillie is AB you can see the contrast / clash.

Wright Back in Philly

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

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