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Mets v Rox

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Let’s get these cold bats healthy in the thin Colorado air

Game thread…

Not So Fast Fish

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Funny how things sometimes turn out once they start actually playing the games.

The preseason outlook was very clear: the Mets would suck and the Supercharged Marlins with their new stadium and free agent bonanza team would go toe to toe with the Phillies for the NL East.

But that’s not what just happened in Flushing as the Mets SWEPT the Marlins. I honestly can’t wrap my brain around this happened especially after dropping 2 to Frisco on Mon.

Quite frankly the Mets have no business winning games if you consider that we lost our starting CF, Big Pelf is having Tommy John surgery, Bay is on the DL, and has done next to nothing anyway and Ike Davis’ mojo is missing. 

Yet somehow we’re winning. I attribute this to great pitching and Terry Collins who has his guys ready to play every inning of every game.

TC is still under the radar but he’s done a tremendous job with the Mets. 

Possibly more shocking is the under achieving Fish team led by Reyes who has done NOTHING so far this year.

I take no joy from Jose’s struggles but I loved watching Heath Bell limp through the 9th throwing 45 pitches before ultimately losing the game.

Justin Turner did a fantastic job working Bell for a 10+ pitch AB and earning a walk to tie the game.

Now out to Colorado which will hopefully jump start our bats a little.

Getaway Day Game

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Game thread…

Met and Fans Fail Wright 

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Where was the love last nite for David Wright, the Mets new All-Time RBI leader?

BMF was in shock after watching an utterly disgusting performance from the crowd of “Met Fans” at CityField last night. 

In case you missed it, our Golden Boy David Wright clubbed a 2 run HR to breaking the All-Time Met RBI record. David surpassed Darryl Strawberry’s 733 with a 2 run HR. It was a big HR to give us the lead and the fans cheered like crazy… 

They cheered, sat down and the game moved on without the slightest acknowledgement of Wright’s feat. 

Maybe it was different in person but from watching on SNY the entire stadium looked oblivious to the history that had just occurred. 

No curtain call? No Scoreboard tribute? Or announcement? No standing O, no Congratulations, no Thank You, nuthin’???

If this was a yankee setting a franchise record for friggin’ doubles they’d stop the game. Suzyn Waldman would be screetching, Sterling blabbering and 20 min of pomp and circumstance.

In Flushing… Nothing.

But I place most of the blame on the Met organization who once again fumbled away a chance to do something right. Where was the PR behind this to build some hype as Wright appproached the soon to fall record?

If Jeter was chasing an RBI record all of NY would’ve been talking about it for weeks. Granted it’s an unreasonable comparison with the yankees and their all-time records held by HoF greats  but why can’t the Mets celebrate OUR history properly? It’s pathetic.

Admittedly I didn’t think about any of this until the moment was upon us but I’m not getting paid to run the Mets.

Which brings me back to the fans. They who should’ve known better and done more to spontaneously celebrate the moment. The good old Shea Faithful would never have let that happen without a Standing O.

Is there such a pall cast over this franchise that we the fans have become zombies??? Its a freakin disgrace.

The Reyes Return - Day 2

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Game thread…

Borderline Miracle Win

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Last nite had all the earmarks of a big fat L hanging in the air. Before play even began we lost Bay to the DL with a cracked rib and Big Pelf for the SEASON with a partially torn ligament in his elbow.

Add to that the return of Reyes and the deflating sweep on Mon and it felt like we were in free fall.

Incredibly Johan Santana rebounded from last week’s catastrophe to throw a GEM that saw him in complete control the entire way allowing 1R, 3H, 2BB, 11K in 6.1 IP.

But that wouldn’t have been enough to get it done with the dormant offense that needed the help of 4 different Fish pitchers issuing 4 consecutive walks to finally plate a run in the 7th.

I don’t know whats happening with Ike Davis but he just looks AWFUL at the dish. Another 0-2 dropp ed him to .131 on the year. Almost .100 points BELOW the struggling Duda who upped his avg to .228.

I’m happy we got that win but it felt like an empty victory. Johan ain’t gonna pitch every day and we just lost Big Pelf who has been quietly having a GREAT season so far.

I was disappointed to hear Jose get any boos whatsoever last night. His initial appearance at the plate produced an underwhelming crowd response - mostly because there were about 37 fans in the stands at that point but IMO no Met fan should have booed Reyes.

WTF is a “Mr Met Cling”??? SNY kept promo-ing it during the game as an upcoming giveaway but refused to tell or show us what a “Cling” is. I know the Mets have a grand history of screwing up easy things but you’d think it would occur to someone in promotions to explain what the actual promotion is.