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Baseball is Back, Baby!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Congratulations Met Fans we made it through the death march of yet another baseball winter. Spring is officially in the air, the Mets are playing games and the fantasy baseball machine just kicked in.

Yeah we lost 3-1 to the Nats but BMF is already an Andres Torres fan. It didn’t take any more than the 1st inning of a new spring season when homeboy took off and stole second on the 1st pitch he saw on the basepaths. Damn, thats a great way to make a good impression on a new fanbase. 

But Torres wasn’t done. When Murphy promptly singled up the middle Torres came dashing home sliding aggressively  and colliding with the catchers leg. This dude is balls to rye wall and it’s the FIRST SPRING INNING OF THE SEASON!!!!

BMF  loves Torres already! 


Let the “Real Games” Begin

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Well not “real” as in games that count but compared to an intrasquad game a contest between the Mets and Nats on Mar5th is a “real” game.

Who cares its early spring training this is likely a preview of the battle for the NL East crown  – uh rather, I mean, last place. Either way its great to have baseball back and I cant wait to begin seeing games on TV. Haven’t seen a spring tv schedule yet but I have to wonder if the Mets will be showing fewer spring games this year in a cost cutting move. I

The SNY budget has alway allegedly been completely separate  but you have to wonder if its really cost effective to air games.

I mean how much can you possibly get for early spring games from sponsors? 

Now Wright has tender ribs and will sit out a few days and whats worse is there are whispers in the organization that this Valley Fever is potential a bigger problem than first admitted.

Wilpon Jinx Infests Ike’s Lungs

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Valley Fever? Really?? Ike Davis is diagnosed with some bizarre spores in his lungs called Valley Fever and we’re supposed to chalk this up to random bad luck?

No folks there’s a larger force at play here and BMF believes its called “The Wilpon Jinx”. How else could you possibly explain a franchise snakebitten as badly as the Mets?

No team in MLB– check that, no team in professional sports is as “unlucky” as our Mets and now we get word that Ike has a rare infection in his lungs likely contracted from breathing in soil in the desert.

It’s prob not so bad, but with whispers that this could potentially be career threatening it’s not the sort of news you welcome. He’s also supposed to avoid extreme fatigue another great buzz for your staring 1st baseman in early March.

And with the Met history of treating Ike Davis injuries this is exponentially more troubling.

When will the Wilpon Curse be forced to sell? 

More Playoff Teams? Why Not

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Generally speaking BMF has always considered myself a baseball purest, an old skool fan who likes things the way they were. But the older I get the more forgiving I am on a lot of progressive issues: instant replay for instance was desperately needed on HR’s and I fully expect it to eventually progress to correct blown calls at bases and I’m OK with that. In fact so long as we don’t mess with  alls and strikes I’m cool with replay.

More wild card teams is cool with me too. Why not add a single game playoff for two WC teams per league? 2 extra teams get to taste the postseason and the WC races should be even wilder. 

The truth is  baseball, and society, need to evolve and the old fashioned method of 2 divisions and only 2 playoff teams per league seems incredibly boring.


The first intersquad game will be played today and finally we are getting to the point of some real games. 

BMF can’t wait to see the following Mets play: Ike, Duda, Tejada, Rauch, Niese, Ramon Ramirez others too but these guys are on my Watch List.