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At Least Collins is Talking About Injuries

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

BMF was happy to see that Collins is speaking frankly on his frustration in the Mets mounting injuries. Per MetsBlog count no less that 14 Mets have been sidelined this spring for one ailment or another.

It sounds crazy to say but this may be progress for the Mets. In the past we were just told to accept it as part of the game. I’m sure management was displeased in the past but I can’t ever recall Willie or Jerry publicly challenging his team to stay on the field. 

Some may not like Collins’ candor but IMO its refreshing. 

Collins feels like one of us. He want to win badly and he’s all gung- ho to lead the troops to victory. And if your troops keep calling in sick you need to make your feelings known loud & clear that you’re not having any of this B.S.

I never for a moment disliked Collins but he sure is growing on me.


Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

I’m telling you Lucas Duda is primed to explode for the Mets this summer. 

Nationally there’s not much buzz about him which is understandable, but even in the Met world he’s sorta remained under the radar which was a blessing to keep the pressure as long as possible.

But those days are likely over. Because when you’re playing on a NY team w/o many stars, in front of a die-hard fanbase desperate for someone, something to believe in…. and you’re a strapping young slugger who rockets moon shots in BP and THEN you hit a Grand Slam in early spring… the days of no media spotlight are over.

For better or worse… but BMF’s spidey sense tells me he’s gonna deliver despite the media glare.


Why does the mere fact that the Mets have decided to give David Wright a cortazone shot in his ribs to speed a plateauing recovery make me nervous? 

Oblique Out Freak Out

Monday, March 12th, 2012

What is going on with the Mets and these pulled obliques? Maybe everyone is like this but the Mets feel incredibly banged up right now.

Duda’s back, Herrera’s back, Byrdak’s knee… but most worrisome is Wright flying back to NY to have his oblique looked at.

Please don’t tell me we’re heading for another year marred by injuries.

I hate these oblique issues, they’re all too often a lingering pain that nags for months at a time because the only real solution is the sort of extended rest one simply cant afford during the season.

And if he’s coming back to NY that means there’s real concern. Of course these days the Mets are prob in CYA mode but either way I’m very uncomfortable this has popped up before Mar 15 even.

The positive news is Santana looked good again. I still cant really allow myself to think he might return to form this season but maybe… Just maybe…

Steady as She Goes Big Pelf

Friday, March 9th, 2012

As far as fan base fuses go BMF believes the Shea Faithful have a pretty short fuse these days when it comes to patience. 

So I’m sure there is a sizable contingency out there ready to throw their hands up at Pelfrey’s thoroughly unimpressive outing on thurs - 4R, 6H in  2.2 IP. 

But if anyone needs reminding - and I’m speaking to myself, Big Pelf, and Met fans at large - YOU CAN’T PUT ANY STOCK IN a Week 1 spring outing.

So what if his pitches were flat? He was instructed to work on his slider so thats what he did. 

Alls I’m saying is sit tight Met fans before you sour on Pelfrey. The dude has the talent he’s just gotta maintain focus and consistency and I’m a big believer fan support can be a deciding factor one way or the other.


Meanwhile Torres has come up sore… i guess that why you don’t begin stealing on the first pitch you see from first in spring afterall.

Turner over Murphy?

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

My head tells me we’d rather have Daniel Murphy’s bat in the lineup over Justin Turner but there’s a large part of my heart that would prefer to see the second base keys handed to Turner.

I know I’m always so down on Murphy and I can’t exactly explain it but I’m just not “sold” on DMurph. I like .300 hitters so it not a logical thing I just like the intangible JT brings to the game.

Turner just exudes scrappiness. Murphy is scrappy too but JT just brings a little more Lenny Dykstra to the game.

Turner banged out 3 hits wednesday so we may have a competition before spring is over.

I think i also have a hard time envisioning  Murphy staying healthy for 162 so I betcha Turner gets his AB regardless.

Johan? Is That You???

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Um, don’t look now but Johan Santana just tossed 2 scoreless innings in his first post-op action.

Yeah, it’s “just” a spring training game, and “just” the 2nd game of March but I don’t think there can be ANY “just’s” when Johan is returning from shoulder surgery.

If he can somehow regain Santana form, and thats still a BIG “if” … thats a HUGE shot of adrenaline in the collective Met heart.

Torres continues his spring surge with 2 hits, including a triple, 3 rbi and a run scored. WOW! Can the regular season please hurry up and get here so we can unleash him on the NL.

Maybe its because we haven’t had a new star in 2 years that I’m merely a fan starving for a hero - but I am VERY HIGH on Torres’ 2012. 

The guy has a lot of ingredients of a player about to have a big year.