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Big Pelf is That You???

Friday, March 30th, 2012

OK so it was against an Astro “B” lineup… and even that may be generous to say, but Mike Pelfrey looked every bit the dominant pitcher we’ve all seen and some of us still believe he can once again be.

1R, 3H, 0BB, 3K in 6.1 IP is a great way to start heading into the regular season. I guess since you can’t put too much stock in bad spring outings we shouldn’t get too excited by a good game… but BMF is pretty excited to see this from Pelfrey.

The Grand Salami from Wright is VERY encouraging too. So long as David is putting the ball over the wall the presssure on his head will decrease dramatically. 

Word is Mike Nickeas will be Thole’s back-up, another Collins move I fully endorse. Screw an old veteran backup backstop. We’re not winning anything this year so lets get as many youngsters up here to see what they’re made of and get them some big league experience.

Meanwhile I have a feeling Josh Thole is going to surprise people with his offensive production this year. 

The Dog Days of Spring

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Yes the Dog Days of Spring have officially arrived. The MLB regular season has begun with games between the M’s and  A’s in Japan and the Mets are still slogging through games at Digital Domain Park.

This is the time of year bloggers go crazy analyizing the pros and cons of the last man in the pen and the 25th man on the bench. Guess what, folks? 

IT DOESN’T MATTER. There will be a taxi squad of guys shuttling back and forth between AA, AAA and the bigs all year long Of the 25 guys that head North someone generally suffers a minor injury in the first series of the season. So BMF tries not to get too caught up in who number 25 is.


Meanwhile did u hear about Jose Canseco’s very bizarre tweet? 
“al gore was a head of his time .i miss him rest in peace buddy hug for u”
Of course Al Gore is alive and well which means I take this confirmation of my suspicions that Jose is indeed from the future.

Magic Shoulda Bought the Mets

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Imagine how rosy things would be around here if the Magic Johnson led group to buy the Dodgers instead took control of the Mets.

We should be so lucky… But we’re not.


If the Mets won the WS at home and there was an on-field celebration with the WS trophy handed to ownership would the fans cheer or boo? 


Danny Herrera looks like he’s sneaking into the opening day roster due to a need to replace Tim Byrdak. Granted Herrera may only last a few days but I’m still happy to see this kid in the bigs. He’s a guy you can really root for.


BMF applauds RA Dickey for coming forward in his book to admit that he was molested as a child. It impacted him so much he was considering suicide as recently as a few years ago. That’s some heavy shxt right there. 

One more reason to root for RA this season.

Chris Young is Back

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

BMF is 1000% for inking Chris Young to a minor league deal. I would really hesitate to pay him big league money since it’s a real longshot for the guy to stay healthy for a full season but when healthy he’s a helluva pitcher.

Nice to see Johan go 5 innings. Nicer to see Wright back in action. I really have to wonder if these guy have good/great first halves will they be traded?

My guess is with the Madoff trouble off the radar the Wilpons now have the ability to retain Wright and would. Johan on the other hand I would think he’s ripe to be sent packing for youth.

A Good Ass Kicking?

Monday, March 26th, 2012

You never really want to see a kid you hope will become a future Ace get shellacked like Matt Harvey did yesterday but BMF is gonna look at the bright side.

An embarrassing outing every now and again can keep you humble. And while an ace needs confidence some lessons in humility on the way up can be very beneficial in the long run.

There is no way Sunday’s line of 7H, 5R, 0BB, 1K in 1 IP is an accurate gauge on who Matt Harvey is. The kid was obviously over hyped to show what he’s got going against Strasberg. 

Meanwhile Lucas Duda and Ike Davis just may be the next. cornerstones of the Mets. 2 young sluggers that can pound teams into submission. 

I’m more excited to watch these guys get after it in Flushing than any other aspect of the team. 

I’m also getting bored with Spring Training… 

Ready for real baseball…

Pelf Looks Great and then…

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

… well, let’s just say then he looked… less than great.

The big man was cruising through the first couple frames and really had me believing this was the turn around point for him, but then it suddenly went south. 

I guess the good news is it wasn’t a complete meltdown, he didn’t tell at himself, nor did he start frantically licking his hands. But Pelfrey looked very hittable yet again in what has been a brutal spring with an ERA north of 11.00.

Rumors are surfacing the Mets are looking to trade him which wouldn’t shock me, but his trade value is frighteningly low right now.

The irony here is I think the best move for Big Pelf would be a fresh start away from the pressure of NY and the curse of the Mets.

Btw does anyone else find Joba’s “excuse” of snapping his ankle while jumping on a trampoline a little suspicious? 

I’m just sayin’…