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J-E-T-S       GO BiG BLUE!!!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

This Jets fan was elated to see the Giants  beat the Pats yet AGAIN.  I don’t hate the Giants like I do the Yankees. 

Football is different from baseball like that I think. We all have our favorite teams but while we may not root FOR the other team in town most wont root against.

But when the other guy is playing your arch rival in the Super Bowl it makes it very easy to adjust green to blue.

Congratulations to Eli, Tuck, Cruz, JPP and most of all Tom Coughlin who has endured far more negativity than he deserves.

I hope now that Coughlin has won his SECOND Super Bowl Giant fans and media can finally get off his back. 

Say what you want about his personality or coaching style but the dude wins Super Bowls - you can’t F with that

Reyes’ Revenge

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Y’know the more I think about it the more its starting to sink in how absolutely devastating Jose Reyes can be to the Wilpons.

I would imagine Jose, if healthy, will be very productive when visiting CityField - the stadium he helped to build.

Now imagine the Mets are floundering and Reyes comes to town in April and June and lights the place up as the Marlins kick the snot out of us. 

If that happens the media and Met fanbase will start raising Holy Hell focused on the Wilpons financial failures which cost NYC the best position player the Mets ever produced.

I’m placing the odds of the above scenario actually occurring at 73%

Over/Under on NY Tabloid Headlines including “Reyes” & “Revenge” - 5