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Ike Oughta Know Better

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

BMF had to laugh when I read Ike Davis’ tweet:

“why does everyone think we’re going to suck? It’s February.” #Mets

I guess Ike is more innocent and naive than I thought. He’s also blissfully devoid of any real grasp on Met history.

Word is free agent Scott Kazmir will hold a workout for MLB scouts in Houston. The Mets would likely send a scout which I’m relieved to see is still in the budget but do we really want Scott Kazmir? 

I dreamt of his return for years but now I have the distinct feeling that this is an opportunity best left on the table.

Alderson Front and Center

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Maybe it’s because the players are yet to report, or because there is no free agent acquisition, but Sandy Alderson sure seems to be the center of attention.

First off he’s been tweeting which is always an interesting test for someone north of say … 50 to delve into. But Alderson seems to have a great grasp on what works in a tweet. He’s cracking jokes about the chop shops out at Shea, PAC money for gas and even the Met ability to reimburse for gas money.

Cerrone is holding a poll to ask if his tone is “appropriate”. I’m sure there’s someone who doesn’t approve but for the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone serious would take issue with this. In fact it is a MUCH NEEDED refreshing. change and has increased his likability exponentially. 

Alderson also said he expects to have enough payroll flexibility to add to the major league roster if the team is in contention. Sorry but BMF is calling BS in that one.

Ain’t no way these cash strapped Wilpons are spending amy money to acquire talent in season. I think Alderson knows it and is covering his/their collective ass by making a statement he’ll never have to face the music. Sandy is savvy enough to know this team cant compete in the NL East this year therefore deadline deals will be a non-factor… Although I wouldn’t be shocked to see David Wright sent packing for prospects…

NY Post Discovers a New Free Agency?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

*i’m a day late on this post due to being locked out of BMF on my iphone last nite*

Somehow the tabloid NYPost seems to have broken the story that MLB has added a whole new level of free agents.

Joel Sherman sez there is a new clause in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows players with 6 years of MLB service  who signed minor league contracts this off-season must have a spot on the 25-man roster five days before the start of the regular season. If not they will be paid an extra 100K to be sent to the minors… and even then cam seemingly opt out of that contract on June 1.

I can’t imagine many clubs kicking a player at that low level an xtra 100G’s so you gotta figure there will be a late crop of servicable players avail days before opening day.

I’m not sure what to make of this. I guess its good for the small market payroll teams (like the Mets) because of last minute bargins to roll the dice with. 

But does this screw the players? Is this a raw deal for the guys who will now suddenly find themselves  cut and without a job just days before the season? Or is the additional freedom is prefferable to them.

Over all it smells like an owner created trick to flood the market with a bargain bin of players so teams can save money on payroll while these poor bastard fringe players will pay the price.

Of course they could always take their spring earnings straight to Sportsbook reviews.

At least maybe the Mets can take advantage.

Can Jeremy Lin Pitch? 

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Of all the teams in NY the Knicks have far and away the most popular athlete in the Big Apple in Jeremy Lin.

This is almost unfathomable considering the Giants won the Super Bowl less than 5 days ago. But Linsanity has knocked Eli, Manningham, JPP and Victor Cruz out of the spotlight for the American born chinese baller who obtw played his college ball at Harvard.

Too bad he’s not a baseball player because we Met fans need a reason to believe again. We need a savior. And not a big ticket free agent (especially cuz that ain’t happening) rather we need a storybook tale of an athlete with all the odds against him. A guy no one gave a realistic chance who defies the odds and makes it big.

I wish Lin were ours. i wish he was a Met. If only he could pitch… or hit.

Never expected I’d be longing for a Knick to join the Mets but it is what it is… 

Megdal vs Mets

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

If you’re unaware Howard Megdal, who is a talented blogger and author of at least 2 books, will no longer be credentialed  at CityField. This is a direct response to his brutally honest insights to the Wilpon finances and chances of retaining ownership of the Mets.

First off  I’m a fan of Megdals determination to be a  voice of the fans in a more tangible manner than your average blogger.

And while part of me wants to be outraged by the infringement of any freedom of the press… The truth is I don’t blame ‘em for not credentialing him.

I mean what did he or anyone else think was going to happen? 

Of course BMF  pulls no punches when it comes to my opinion of the Wilponzi’s yet I believe I can look at this objectively. 

It’s not a right to be able to enter a baseball stadium as a member of the media, it’s a privilege. If you’re part of the BBWAA, ESPN or SNY than you’ve got some rights but for everyone else they have the right to deny you should they so choose.

I’m just saying.

But the good news for Megdal here is he’s got the Mets spotlight (or cross hairs) squarely fixed on him and his now very public adversarial relationship with ownership.

If played correctly (and I have no answers) this could be spun into his big break.

It’s your move Megdal!

Why No Eddie Coleman in Radio Booth?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

I can’t figure out for the life of me why Eddie Coleman wasn’t the obvious choice for the open radio position now that Wayne Hagin has moved on.

I actually know Eddie Coleman and he’s a terrific guy. Knows his baseball history and has been in the Met family for years. 

I don’t claim to know him well enough to have any insight as to what he thinks about this situation, in fact I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of years but my impression was always that he would gladly take the radio gig.

I don’t know who the F Josh Lewin is but he was raised in Boston and has been doing sports radio in Texas recently so I have to wonder why he got the gig over Eddie.

Of course I have to wonder if the salary for this job has been reduced to an insultingly low level which wouodnt surprise me.

But after the midwestern Hagin didn’t quite fit here in NY why would they go to Texas to get the next guy especially when Eddie Coleman is already in the house???