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Pass on Pudge

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Despite some whispers of interest I hope the Mets don’t actually sign Pudge. 

No one disputes his offensive impact would be minimal but if the Met team is jettisoning star veterans for youth I’d prefer to do the same at catcher.

Standard baseball logic would prefer a veteran backstop to mentor the kid. In most cases that’s definitely the right move, but we still don’t know if Thole will be the starter in 2013.

So why not let Nickeas get those AB’s and soak it up in the bigs? Lets see what he’s got… 

If there was ever a season to go with 2 kids behind the plate this is it. 

Wilpons Screw Up T-Shirts

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

On the first day of full team workouts Jeffy Boy Wilpon handed out Met orange t-shirts with the Underdog logo on the front. If you’re too young to know Underdog was nothing short of one of the greatest childhood cartoons ever. It was a dog in an oversized superhero suit. 

Now you can argue whether or not its appropiate for an owner of professional team in the largest market in the world labling his team underdogs but to me Jeffy Boy swung and missed on these shirts. Instead of putting the easily recognizable Underdog himself on the short Jeffy opted for just the cartoon “U” that appears across Underdogs chest.  

BMF has been a lifelong Underdog fan and even after reading the headline I had trouble figuring out what the Hell that weird looking “U” was. So instead of making great looking, easily identifiable shirts Jeffy decided to go with an obsure reference to the loveable character. 

Jeffy Boys genius strikes again. Good lord I pray the Willons lose ownership before this tool get complete control. 

David Wright also worked out in a Michigan football jersey as a result of “settling a bet with Fred Wilpon” 

Hmmm i wonder what that bet could have been…

Perhaps Wright wagered he’d never finish 2011 as a Met


Wright wagered that Reyes would indeed be back.

Wright gambled the Willons would in slash payroll to Padre levels only to lose when the Wilpons went Oakland A’s.

Wright bet that less than 98% of Met fans hated the Wilpons

Wright rolled the dice declaring that someone somewhere in the world would have something nice to say about Jeffy Boy 

Wright thought the Mets wouldn’t finish the season as a laughing stock 5 consecutive years.

Excited for Duda

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

BMF really has a good feeling about Lucas Duda. 

I think this kid is about to grow into the major league version of himself. Last year he got a taste of the bigs and perhaps the most vital lesson he’ll ever get. 

Despite being overmatched for quite some time after getting called up Duda stayed with it. Kept his composure, refused to lose confidence and ended up mauling the ball down the stretch.

Confidence has been tricky for the young strapping slugger. Believing he really belonged in the Bigs was an emotional hurdle that needed clearing and you gotta believe he had a smile on his face all winter knowing in his heart that he can handle MLB pitching.

Sure would be interesting if the kid gets off to a hot start and becomes the CityField Slugger.

Boy oh boy could we use a bona-fide slugger. And I’m not talking about a “power hitter” like Beltran, Wright etc, no I’m talking about an Adam Dunn hoss in the box (with a better avg)

Now that’s a storyline that could make the Mets Fun,

BMF Takes the OVER on Mets

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Word is the Vegas line on the Mets is 70.5 — which means the over/under for losses is 91.5 — OUCH.

BMF would consider myself among the more pessimistic of  Met fans these days but 70.5 seems pretty bleak even to me.  

Granted our division will be the best in baseball with pretty much every team reloaded. But I think the Mets will have scrap and talent to win 75 games. 

I can’t really expect more than 8 wins from Santana this year. Yeah I know he’s “healthy” but….

CAN he win more than 8? It’s definitely possible but can we EXPECT more than 8? I don’t think so.

But I’m still taking the over on 71.5… even though the smart money is prob taking the under ; (

There Goes the BMF “Nose Bros” Headline

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

I was shocked to hear John Niese went and got himself a nose job this winter. I guess Beltran told him he should do it and may be stuck with the bill after agreeing to pay for it.

As a longtime sports fan BMF has heard a LOT of medical reports, especially being a Met fan in the 21st century, but I’ve never heard of an off-season vanity nose job before.

Niese now says he can breath much better when jogging so perhaps this will help on the mound as well which would be great … Too bad my favorite never been used BMF headline just went by the boards with this announcement.

Thats right ever since last May when it came to me, I’ve been waiting to bust out a “Nose Bros” headline on a day Niese pitched well and Ike Davis  contributed with the stick. 

I figured I would be able to run a Nose Bros headline in one form or another within a week or two, three at the most.  But then Ike went down with a bruised shin, the Mets botched the recovery and BMF was forced to sit on my Nose Bros headline all winter.

Now with spring training fast approaching, news breaks that Niese “nose jobbed” this winter unwittingly  rendering my headline useless.

Dammit this was one of the few things I was looking forward to in what is sure to be another losing Met season.

Damn you rhinoplasty - DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!

RIP Gary “The Kid” Carter

Friday, February 17th, 2012


We all knew it was coming but it was still incredibly sad to hear of Gary Carter’s passing.

Man I remember hearing the news on 1010 Wins radio when the Mets traded for him. He was he Expos best player, a perennial All-Star and somehow Frank Cashen fleeced them and pried away the best catcher in the game.

I remember jumping for joy because Gary Carter felt like he was the final piece we needed to win the World Series.

Sure enough,  Opening Day his first season in NY he hit a walk-off HR and Shea went bonkers.

Sure enough, Kid kept that game six alive by sparking the legendary rally with a clean single up the middle.

At one point I joined a Met fan club of some sort and received an autographed picture of Kid and Dr. K. It’s always been one of my most prized collectables and now more than ever.

I’m trying to think if we’ve lost anyone else from that ‘86 team… I don’t think so. Even Frank Cashen is still kicking as far as I know.

It’s bizarre to see someone of Gary Carter’s stature pass away.

To this Met fan he’ll always be a hero and a legend.