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Bankruptcy Consultants??? Uh-Oh …

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Is this the beginning of the official end the the Wilpon Mets? 

I ain’t no economical genius but it seems to me if you’re lawyering up with bankruptcy experts you stand a pretty good chance of losing control of your franchise. 

Buzz on Mets blog is the Wilpons are “confident” they’re going to retain control… BMF likes to call that “Madoff Confidence” similar to the misplaced trust they gave Bernie. 

Amazin Avenue’s Eno Sarris has on good authority, “a team sale with or without bankruptcy is on the table,” 

I guess as a Mets fan who has lost all faith in the Wilpons I’ll take this progression to bankruptcy consultation, as good news.

What Happens Beyond Walls?

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

So we all know they’re moving the fences in out at CityField. But what’s happening to the new square footage on the other side? 

Seems to me it’s a great opportunity to put in some new seats and create some super cool new up close and personal fan experiences.

We’ve never really had OF walls with fans right up against them. Shea had those bleachers but the first row was set back from the wall but I’m talking about Wrigley Field, put your beer on the wall sort of seats.

Yankee Stadium does it and with fans that close to the opposing played strange things can happen - cough cough Jeffery Maier.

Seats on the wall would be great out there and would actually improve on what’s already a pretty damn good stadium.

One would think a big time franchise that just squeezed itself into a 45K stadium would leap at the opportunity to add what would be at least a couple hundred seats.

But unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think the Mets are adding seats. I’m guessing they don’t want to or simply can’t spend the money to add seats. Plus I guess if you’re not selling out why add more seats to go unsold.

You have to believe eventually they’ll fill those areas in with seating but maybe not till the next ownership group comes in.

At Least We Don’t Have to Deal with Ana Benson Anymore 

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Has Anyone Seen “Baseball Wives”?

It’s the latest horrendous creation in what has become a non-stop onslaught of “Housewives” shows. Each one seems to find a way to devolve in class and sure enough”Baseball Wives” has a secret weapon in Ana Benson.

The ex-Met wife proves herself to be an even bigger piece of trailer trash than we ever imagined. We knew she had zero class when she wore an inappropiately sexy red dress that put her ample breasts on display for all to see at the Mets Christmas party for children. 

But this TV show really reveals her as a diabolical socio-path. And that’s not a joke - she mentally ain’t right. Maybe I should fell bad for her because she’s obviously been damaged as child and is now mad at the world. But she spews so much evil it’s hard to find any compassion whatsoever. 

Makes me feel bad for Kris Benson - the poor bastard is still married to her. Hard to tell if he knows his wife intentionally leaves a path of destruction wherever she goes or if he’s blissfully oblivious… either way he’s a pawn in Ana Benson’s decade old desperate cry for any media attention.

If she was still super hot I might cut him a little slack but she’s no longer good looking enough to even considering dealing with all the crazy.

Hopefully the show will go away as quietly as it came, too bad Benson probably has 1 or 2 more VH1 series in her as the craziest most toxic bitch on TV.