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Happy For Reyes

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Of course I’m sick about losing Reyes. It made me nauseous to see him don the new Marlin threads (of which I’m not a fan at all) but part of me is happy for him.

The guy is an electric ballplayer and personal fandom aside he deserves to be in a place they are excited about him. 

Let’s face it, the Mets are depressing, both as an organization and personally for Jose. 

Not only has the franchise become a laughingstock of baseball but Flushing was also the place his owner dissed him in print, he struggled with health, incompetent medical staffs, and fans who revolted against him when he pulled a fairly common move of sitting down on the final day to preserve a batting crown (in fact he was 1-1) 

I wish he were here but he deserves to be appreciated by the fans without any of the injury baggage hanging over his head. He deserves an owner who wants him. He deserves a 100M contract, a chance to win and he deserves to feel wanted.

Sorry, but I’m not buying the Met spin that Jose is misrepresenting the situation. If the Mets really wanted him (which means “wanted him enough to match a serious offer”) I understand Jose’s not in the budget but you can’t have it both ways.

You can’t say you wanted him and tried to get him while also floating out there that you can’t afford him. It’s one or the other.

Maybe the Mets overlooked the fact they needed to do a good PR job on the chase. That’s too bad because it that may be the most important element of the chase - especially if he signs with another team and you’re left to face your fanbass.

Reyes Plot Thickens 

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

BMF found it very interesting to hear Jose Reyes declare without hesitation the Mets made no offer and made zero effort to retain him.

This is in direct contrast to Sandy Alderson who reported the Mets were very much in it fri and sat night.

Hmmmm so who do we think might be telling the truth? I’m going with Reyes since he’s got no reason to lie.

Alderson on the other hand has very real motivation to feign Met interest in the fan favorite Reyes. 

I don’t even fault Alderson for faking the funk. I have to imagine part of the very messy job of rescuing the Mets is covering as much as possible for the on going Ponzi repurcussions. 

In fact it now seems painfully obvious, the Mets are “broke” (relatively speaking of course) and cannot possibly afford to keep Reyes so their GM was forced to CWA (Cover Wilponzi Ass) by pretending to be interested in Reyes knowing all along he was never coming back.

Meanwhile the Marlins are gonna kick piss out of the Mets this season both on and off the field.

They’re going to be MUCH better than us this season and will quickly be on their way to World Series Crown number 3 while we keep floundering at the bottom of the division faaaar from and Fall Classic appearance. 

Pagan is Gone

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

BMF has always been a Pagan fan. I just like the guy as an all around ball player. He used to suck at base-running but he got a lot better. 

He’s got plenty of speed to swipe lotsa bases. He plays a great defense and he can hot for avg.

I believe in him and I think he’s more than a 1 year wonder. But I could easily be wrong on that so I understand Alderson’s decision to trade him…

… But Andres Torres??? Torres also only had 1 breakthrough year before slipping badly last season but the best version of Torres is inferior to the best possible Pagan.

And considering Torres is 34 years old I have to believe Pagan has a better chance to recapture 2010 glory…

But I might be wrong so I’m not bothered by this trade, which obtw also included Ramon Ramirez a reliever very tough on righties likely tipping the scales to a good deal for the Mets.

Then again I’m still sorta numb from the Reyes trauma so maybe I’m just not thinking this through…

Thoughts on the new Closer tomm…

Did Mets Ever Really Want Reyes?

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

It certainly doesn’t feel like they did. Reports surfaced that Alderson thought the Mets were in it as late as fri & sat nite but the Fish sealed the deal with the 6th year guaranteed.

I’m not saying Alderson is being deceptive, I believe what he says regarding the process I just don’t think anyone’s heart was in it from the Mets side.

To me it feels like the Mets saw it as forgone conclusion they were letting Jose go. Maybe the Wilponzis flat out don’t have the money to pay Reyes, Alderson knows it and this was a bluff all along. That definitely sounds like a move the Met organization would make.

Let’s be honest, the writing was clearly on the wall when Fred tore Jose to shreds in that magazine article saying “he’s had everything wrong with him” (health-wise) 

Surprisingly some fan reaction has been, “he’s not worth it” or “let him pull his hamstrings in Florida”

Sorry I can’t agree. Jose is 27 years old. He is among the ELITE players in baseball and hands down the best player on the Mets.

Florida isn’t even paying him obscene money, 6 for 111M didn’t get a stratosphere A-Rod contract, nor is it Crawford money. 17/18 M a year is a reasonable salary for a SS who leads the league in SB and wins a batting crown. Will he lose speed over time? Sure, everyone does but Jose can become a better hitter with maturity. He may very well develop a little more power but he can certainly be a tremendous player until 33-34 years old.

But these are the Royals– oops I mean Mets,  a small market team in the biggest market of all.

They say they lost 70M, which I’m not sure I believe, and they want to slash payroll by 30-40M. 

I wonder if Jeff and Fred are taking a cut in the salary they draw?

Mets Really F’d Up on Reyes

Monday, December 5th, 2011

As Met fans we’re used to being losers. We’re used to everything going wrong. At this point we’re used to incompetent owners, GM’s and managers. But the one thing we’re no used to is losing franchise, potentially Hall of Fame players who were Mets fr day 1 leaving NY.

Of course Tom Seaver was exactly the scenario just described, and even Nolan Ryan fits the bill as well, but these guys departed over 30 years ago which is ancient history. Kasmir/Zambrano was more recent but the fireballing lefty has since flamed out.

But Reyes is something else. He’s an everyday player. The shortstop. The leadoff hitter. The emotional leader of the franchise. The batting crown champion and the most exciting player in the game.

And the Mets are letting him walk away to a division rival without even fighting to keep him.

The Marlins are reportedly giving him 6yrs and 106M. The Mets allegedly were in the willing to offer 5 years 85-95M range… but they never even bothered to offer.


We the fans are sitting here watching arguably the best player in the game leave for a rival at 27 years old… And the Mets never even made a play for him.

What a joke this franchise has become. As much as I hate the Yankees, they would NEVER let this happen. Derek Jeter would NEVER be allowed to leave for more money from Tampa Bay.

Who cares about the 6th year at this point. Reyes is one of the elite players in the sport and a lifelong Met he’s worth that extra year so just give it to him to keep him here.

As much as I always hated Steinbrenner I actually hate the Wilpons more. They are terrible owners and awful businessmen. They claim to have lost 70M last year on the Mets. That wouldn’t surprise because they seem completely inept at running a quality franchise. 

And I’m not buying the “Blame it on Madoff” excuse considering Madoff was the SECOND PONZI SCHEME THE WILPONZIs were caught up in.

Did Alderson even really want Jose back? Where was his sales job? It feels like he just let Jose leave without the least bit of resistance. 

Even if it’s just for show why wouldn’t the Mets make an attempt to keep Reyes?

This team is such a joke its embarrassing. 

Mets Need Football

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

BMF found myself at Yankee Stadium Wed AM at a press conference for the NYC Public High School Championship Football Game.

As some of you know I’ve been super busy producing “City Gridiron” my docu-series on PSAL (Public School Athletic League) Varsity Football.

This is my 3rd season covering football and we’re on every Sunday at 11A on PIX ch 11.

I followed 3 teams this season Canarsie, Lincoln and Erasmus Hall who has NYC’s top recruit Wayne Morgan. 

After 12 weeks of games 2 of my City Gridiron teams are playing in the championship game at yankee stadium Tues Dec 6th  - Erasmus Hall vs Lincoln

This brings me to the same point I made last year: Why don’t the Mets host football games at CityField during the winter?

They could surely land a regular season game just like the Yankees had Army v Rutgers. Additionally there should be a Bowl game in Queens. “The New York City Bowl” or “Metropolitian Bowl” or “Metro Bowl” find a sponsor, seek out a local team such as Syracuse, Rutgers or UConn and have ourselves a bowl game.

I would think these cash strapped Wilponzis would see a payday and jump at it but for some reason known only to them they’d rather leave their stadium dormant from Oct-March.

Please don’t tell me the Mets are considering Jason Varitek. Good Lord the only backstop more past his prime than Varitek is Posada. Thankfully the Mets already passed on Jorge.

Heath Bell to FLA? Or should I say Miami. I think that’s a good sign by them. The Fish are serious again and something tells me they’re gonna finish above us this season.