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What’s up with Niese Rumors?

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Hard to know what’s tangible and what is just smoke from a guy with a twitter account regarding rumors about our young lefty.

But the rumors persist and it makes you wonder if there must be some truth that Alderson is looking to deal Niese.

Latest is Seth Smith the Rockie OF which I simply don’t get. Smith is a nice player with 15 to (maybe) 20 HR potential when playing half his games at Coors. Maybe he’s just the first piece in a larger lucrative package but I don’t understand the desire to deal Niese.

Alderson must not believe in the kid or knows something we don’t - why else would you trade a solid young SP for another OF… Weird … Very weird

Jon Rauch.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Jon Rauch.

I’ll say it again, John Rauch.

Does that name get you excited? Me neither, too bad that may be the most titillating free agent we land all winter.

In fact the way it’s beginning to sound the Wilpons may never sign a big player ever again.

The Daily News now tells us if the Wilpons don’t repay that bridge loan in short order the banks are gonna start putting the squeeze on them which might be the end of the Wilpons owning the Mets.

And if Picard wins a substantial clawback in the Wilponzi case the Mets will need to be sold.


Zero Reason to Trade Niese

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Everytime I hear a rumor of trade talk swirling around John Niese I think to myself, “Why in the world would we trade Niese?!?”

Unless we get blown away with an offer of a solid young arm AND a legit offensive prospect there NO WAY in Hell Niese is sent packing.

He fits the bill in almost every criteria:

• He’s young

• He’s cheap

• He’s under Met control for years to come

• He’s a reliable lefty starting pitcher

• He’s NY tested 

• He’s home grown 

In other words Niese is precisely the player Alderson desperately needs on this team.

So until there is something real to report I’m disregarding any/all Niese rumors until next winter at the earliest.

Hold Everything — There May Be Hope 

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

BMF heard the best Met news I’ve gotten in quite a while: New York Times reported the Mets “might have to confront the prospect of selling the team entirely.”

WOW that is music to my ears. How fantastic would it be to rid this wants to be great franchise of the ineptitude of the Wilponzis.

The latest news is the Mets needed to borrow another $40 million in what’s being termed a “bridge loan”. In theory it’s to help them keep operating while they try to raise funds through by selling minority shares in the team.

According to NYT the inside word is “if a full lineup of minority stake investors was not in place by next spring, and cash not in hand, [Fred Wilpon] and [Saul Katz] might have to confront the prospect of selling the team entirely.”

Obtw the Mets were unable to pay back their original $25 million loan from Major League Baseball.

Of course with Alderson revealing they lost $70 million in 2011 no wonder they were never in on the Reyes bidding.

In fact I think this makes it painfully obvious the Mets were NEVER so much as considering bringing Jose back it was merely a smoke screen to try and deflect a complete tsunami of bad PR.

It’s a pathetic state that we’re in when the owners of the Mets are reviled by the entire fan base. 

But if we could be so lucky as to have the Wilpons sell we would really have a chance of turning this loser franchise around.

So I emplore any/all Met fans from to refrain from giving them ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER. I realize the few bucks they may make off of holiday merchandise is likely inconsequential to their multi-multi-million dollar problems but now is the time for Met fans to untie in a concerted effort to CLEAN HOUSE of OWNERSHIP!!!!!

Pleeeeezeee Santa all I want for Christmas is the Wilpons to fail to raise enough money and be forced to sell… Is that so much to ask?

Hanley Ramirez Would be Fun

Monday, December 12th, 2011

I know he’s acted like a lazy S.O.B. at time but if the Mets traded for HanRam it sure would male me feel better about losing Reyes.

Word is the Fish are shopping him because he’s said he’s unwilling to change positions to 3rd Base.The problem is he’s due 15M, 15.5M and 16M over the next 3 years and while I’m sure Alderson wouldn’t be able to offer that much money but he would be committed for 3 years less than Jose got.

Ramirez would def generate excitement , sell tickets and I betcha he’s be motivated as Hell if he left FLA for NYC… I’m just saying…

Happy For Reyes

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Of course I’m sick about losing Reyes. It made me nauseous to see him don the new Marlin threads (of which I’m not a fan at all) but part of me is happy for him.

The guy is an electric ballplayer and personal fandom aside he deserves to be in a place they are excited about him. 

Let’s face it, the Mets are depressing, both as an organization and personally for Jose. 

Not only has the franchise become a laughingstock of baseball but Flushing was also the place his owner dissed him in print, he struggled with health, incompetent medical staffs, and fans who revolted against him when he pulled a fairly common move of sitting down on the final day to preserve a batting crown (in fact he was 1-1) 

I wish he were here but he deserves to be appreciated by the fans without any of the injury baggage hanging over his head. He deserves an owner who wants him. He deserves a 100M contract, a chance to win and he deserves to feel wanted.

Sorry, but I’m not buying the Met spin that Jose is misrepresenting the situation. If the Mets really wanted him (which means “wanted him enough to match a serious offer”) I understand Jose’s not in the budget but you can’t have it both ways.

You can’t say you wanted him and tried to get him while also floating out there that you can’t afford him. It’s one or the other.

Maybe the Mets overlooked the fact they needed to do a good PR job on the chase. That’s too bad because it that may be the most important element of the chase - especially if he signs with another team and you’re left to face your fanbass.