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Jose SHOULDN’T Give Mets Discount

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I want nothing more from this off-season than to retain Jose Reyes but if you were him would you give the Mets a hometown discount?

I wouldn’t and quite frankly nor should he.

Consider these facts:

• First and foremost the owner Fred Wilpon publicly dissed Jose in that magazine article saying “he’ll never get Carl Crawford money. He’s had everything wrong with him” If my boss blasted me like that there ain’t no way I sign for anything less than top dollar just as an F-U. The moment Fred said that Jose became exponentially harder to sign.

• Love them as we do the Mets are a league wide joke. *Maybe* this is changing under Alderson but the track record speaks for itself: everything always goes wrong around here. Free Agents go bust. Owners go broke. Entire teams collapse. Minor injuries are continually mistreated. The team has been snakebitten for 5 years. Wouldn’t he be better off somewhere else? 

• Will the Mets give him the best chance to win? No. With up to 12 teams rumored in the mix for Jose the Mets will be waay down on that list.

• If the Mets do give him a big deal the pressure that comes with it just might be crushing. He would be much better off with a less hostile, angry and bitter fanbase. Incidentally all the guff Jose took from the fans and media when he sat down after 1 H in 1 AB on the final day of the year isn’t helping at all.   

I love him, I want him back but I really can’t see Jose giving the Wilponzi’s ANY DISCOUNT AT ALL.

Bad Feeling About Reyes

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

I dunno, something doesn’t feel right about the Mets chances to resign Reyes.

Maybe it’s because all these other players are re-upping with their teams and the Mets aren’t planning to take advantage of the exclusivity period during which only they can negotiate with Jose.

It just seems like if we were going to be serious about retaining the SS we would put together an offer right now in an attempt to capitalize on his love for the Mets. 

Maybe they think the market will prove to be low for Jose and it will cost them less to wait until he hits the open market.

Maybe they know Jose is determined to test the waters in an effort to raise his price tag.

It’s too bad. If we were the Yankees we’d resign our guy before anyone else could get to him. Of course I don’t want to be the Yankees but you get the point.

I hope I’m wrong… I really do…