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Jose Rumors Headed to Hyperspace

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

As Tuesday’s news that Reyes has received 2 contract offers ”leaked” it signifies the beginning of what is sure to be a media frenzy in the new world of social media, media. This Brave new world is great for headlines but terrible for honesty, truth and journalistic integrity 

For example: the new buzz items include rumors that Jose has 2 serious offers on the table. 

But the Mets say they haven’t made any offer.

Allegedly Miami’s offering $90 million for 6 years. Someone suggested they Mets may be able to match that… But who knows with these Wilpons.

I’m all for reading all the rumors and gossip but encourage everyone to take any/all free agent rumors with a salt shaker of salt.

Gotta Believe Mets Will Get Chance to Make Offer

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

BMF don’t buy any of the rumors that Reyes is about to sign or just signed with the Fish. 

I’m convinced they’re in love with each other and will end up together but wouldn’t it make good business sense for Jose to at least check in to see what the Mets final offer is?

Even if he has no intention of accepting a deal from the Mets it’s a good PR move for him on the way out to give the Mets the respect to make a final offer. 

The only way that goes wrong (I think) would be if the Mets offer more money and Jose STILL signs with Miami … but we certainly don’t need to worry about that scenario now do we?

Reyes SHOULD Leave Mets

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Time for some “Real Talk” regarding Jose Reyes

As much as we all love and want Reyes back if I were him I wouldn’t sign with the Mets. Think about it from his point of view:

Would I rather take (what’s likely to be) the highest deal on the market being offered by Miami or would I prefer to give a discount to the Wilpons who said in NY Magazine that I was never gonna get “Carl Crawford money” and I’ve “had everything wrong ” with me? 

Do I go to Miami where I’m welcomed as a hero or do I return to the Wilponzis who threw me under the bus in print last June?

Should I join a franchise that is rebooting itself with a new stadium, new uni’s, new manager, recharged fan base and all or do I return for another depressing season with the forever floundering Mets?

Do I join the Marlin’s Latino movement currently blooming in So Florida a city where they celebrate Latin America’s baseball culture or do I return to NY where a lot of people complained when the Mets were “too Latin”?

Do I join an organization that has proved it can win more than 1 WS within a decade or do I stay with the Mets who are still holding onto 1986.

Is it worth it to stay in NY because if we ever do win it there we’ll be legends forever after??? 

That’s the one intangible that actually swings in our direction…

Reyes Good as Gone to FLA

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Technically there’s plenty of time left in the free agent sweepstakes of Jose Reyes but if you ask me the writing is clearly on the wall.

Jose Reyes will be a Florida Marlin next year and for a minimum of 5 more years beyond that.

If you’re Reyes it makes too much sense:

• Florida is about to open a brand new stadium

• Florida just hired one of the best skippers in baseball in Ozzie Guillen

• Ozzie is about to turn that franchise around (again). He’s electric in the dugout, clubhouse and media in addition to supercharging that team and town he’ll encourage Reyes to be Reyes unlike here in NY where there were no shortage of uptight people complaining about Jose’s dancing and handshakes.

• Possibly best of all the Marlins ARE NOT the Mets. That franchise has proven it can win championships. They have/had their fair share of issues with ownership and attendance but the new stadium will likely change that significantly.

• The Marlins look like they’re doing the Latino thing right. Instead of Omar’s strategy of signing Latino talent only to hand the team over to Willie “What’s a Double Switch” Randolph Ozzie Guillen is the face of the Marlins and I can tell you right now he’s gonna do it right.

• Miami is going to be a non-stop carnival for Reyes. That might be a bad thing long-term but as far as free agent carrots go it’s a HUGE plus that NY can’t compete with.

• NYC is been there, done that for Jose. The Mets are depressing. Their owners are caught up in Ponzi schemes and nothing ever goes right for the Mets. Miami has all the possibilities of success at their fingertips.

• In case you forgot Fred Wilpon inexplicably dissed Jose in a magazine article and the fans booed/bashed Jose when he sat down after 1AB in game 162 to ensure the first ever Met batting title.

I gaurantee Jose hasn’t forgotten either of those situations.

Quite frankly I don’t blame Jose for wanting to leave. 


One off-topic thought here:

WTF is wrong with Penn St fans rioting and flipping vans?

Are they so woefully uninformed that they don’t understand what was just uncovered at their school? Or are they such blind football fans they have zero compassion for CHILDREN BEING MOLESTED BY A COACH AND COVERED BY PATERNO AND OTHERS?!?!?

Either way they are grossly out of line.

Gotta Keep Pagan

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

BMF has ways been a big Pagan fan. I loved the passion and spark he brought to Mets when he first arrived but injuries kept derailing him, until 2010. That ‘10 breakout season saw him hit .290 with 49 XBH’s and 37 SB’s. 

‘11 was definitely a regression for Pagan who struggled with nagging health issues en route to .262 avg, .322 OBP, 7 HR, 32 SB. 

Last year he made $3.5M while next year he stands  to earn $4.5-5M through arbitration.

Of course for any mere mortal that’s a friggin fortune but in the bizarre world of pro sports 5M is pretty cheap… so long as he regains ‘10 form.

I for one think the odds are good that Pagan rebounds. While in the past he’s had a knack for getting hurt it’s a track record of serious injuries that shut him down for the year. 

Remember when he went over the wall down the LF line in Chavez Ravine? The guy was hustling his ass off to make a play and got hurt. I have a much harder time chalking an injury like that up to a guy who is injury phone as opposed to a guy who keeps getting hurt with various aliments throughout the season like ‘11.

I may be wrong on that but I think Pagan is in a good position to have a bounce back season so I’d take a chance on him. 

And let’s not forget Angel also has the NYC intangible working for him. Meaning he’s played and delivered in NYC - not something to be taken for granted. 

Alderson’s Rep on Line with Reyes

Monday, November 7th, 2011

If Reyes doesn’t resign and walks away for nothing more than a compensatory pick Alderson is gonna take A LOT of heat for not trading Jose when he could have gotten something in return.

We all respect Sandy Alderson. He arrived with glowing reports from his days as a GM and an MLB executive. It felt like we finally had a GM who knew what he was doing AND would behave himself in public and private. And best of all he was a guy  Jeff Wilpon couldn’t boss around.

That was all great. 

But now as we enter the 2011-12 hot stove season its time for Alderson to deliver.

If you think about it Sandy already made the decision not to trade Reyes during the season. Which to me says he thought he’d be able to re-sign him, right? 

If the Mets were making a concerted effort but just got outbid by another team so be it. 

I mean if you knew you weren’t going to make a real effort to re-sign him the ONLY sensible move is  to deal him mid-season.

I know we weren’t getting a Herchel Walker-esque package in return but we could have gotten SOMETHING.

Now it sounds like the Mets aren’t being even slightly aggressive about resigning Jose.

So if we weren’t going to make a serious run at him in winter WHY WAS HE STILL ON TEAM AFTER TRADE DEADLINE??!!??

As far as BMF is concerned this is potentially a MAJOR GAFFE that can very well turn the fanbase against Alderson.