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Losing Backman?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Word was Wally was in the running for a coaching gig with the Nats and his old skipper Davey Johnson. 

Hey I’d hate to lose Wally just cuz I love him as an ‘86 Met but I wouldn’t blame the gut if he bounced for another gig. There’s no telling how long it might take to get the managerial job here in NY and I have doubts the Wilpons would ever hand him the keys.

Personally I think Wally’s be great for a couple of years at which point he might flame out but I’d sign for that any day.

As for the bench coach search, unless Larry Bowa is in the mix, or Wally, I’m fairly unconcerned about this job opening. 

TC is an experienced Major League manager and has proved adept at handling NYC. Bench coach was a huge issue when we had the inexperienced and often NL oblivious Willie Randolph but I’ve got no such concerns with Collins.

Who to Root for?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The AL is pretty clear cut for BMF - I’m rooting Tigers all the way. I have family in Michigan, I like an old skool team like Detroit and I got no love for Texas.  

But the NL is a little tougher. I don’t really like Larussa but I also dislike Selig and the Brewers are forever linked with his stench.

But I do like Braun & Fielder so I guess I gotta go Mil.

Meanwhile raise your hand if you knew Texas Ranger stud Nelson Cruz was originally a Met?

Yup we signed him as an amateur in ‘98 only to see Steve Phillips deal him for Jorge Velandia.


Arch Enemies Dropping Like Flies

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

The last 2 days were sorta like the anthesis of the Yanks and Phils meeting in the WS. On consecutive days us bitter Met fans were able to enjoy both of our most hates rivals die a depressing game 5 first round loss.

First the yanks go down with A-Rod striking out and then Philly is eliminated with Ryan Howard at the dish.

The Howard AB was one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen with the Cardinals celebrating a trip to the NLCS with Howard crumpled to the ground with a ruptured achilles. 

I feel bad for Howard, who now won’t be ready by spring training, but can’t say I feel one ounce of compassion for Rollins and the rest of the crew.

Bowa Disses Mets

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

I think it’s hilarious that Bowa straight up dissed the Mets in a Maddog intvw:

“You know, I don’t like losing, and I go to a team like New York or somebody that’s not committed to winning, I mean, I gotta really delve into that and say, ‘Is it going to get better?’  If it gets better, I like seeing teams get better.  But if it’s going to stay the same, you know, I don’t like stuff like that.  I like to compete.”

Ouch - that hurts and makes me laugh at the same time - he did it so casually and matter of factly that I think it’s awfully telling what a joke the Mets are around the league.

Ding Dong the Yanks are Dead

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Oh Joy! It’s one of my favorite days of the year Yankee Elimination Day.

I tried to avoid watching the game as much as possible because there’s nothing that makes my head explode more than a Yankee comeback in the Bronx.

But I peeked in the 7th and saw the Tigers leading 3-1 so I got sucked in and stayed until the 3 straight strikes K’d A-Rod to end the season and put the cap on another awful post season by Rodriguez.

Oh the baseball season brings so much pain to a Met fan. All of our losses combined with all those Yankee wins makes this very moment so sweet.

Enjoy this day Met fans. 

Bask in the glory of being able to taunt Yankee fans.

I think Yankee Elimination day should be an unofficial, official holiday for ALL Met fans who live and work amongst fans of the Evil Empire. 

Coaching Shake-up

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

In what is hopefully the first of many announced moves a number of Big League coaches will not return next year.

Chip Hale left to be a bench coach with the A’s - good luck Chip.

Additionally Oberkfell, Mookie Wilson and Bullpen Coach Jon Debus will not return to the major league club for the 2012 season.

Tim Teufel will takes over 3rd Base and Ricky Bones is new Bullpen Coach.

Hudgens and Dan Warthen are both back.

Mookie will be offered another position in organization… Again. Gotta imagine Mookie is closing in on all time record for “Most Positions Held” “MPH” in franchise history.

There’s some buzz that Larry Bowa may be in line for a bench coach gig with the Mets. I’d give him the job w/o hesitation.

Bowa’s fire, passion and will to win is exactly what the Mets need right now. Bowa has the balls the Mets are lacking.

Bowa may be the only bench coach in baseball who would actually sell some tickets / generate interest.