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Free Agents

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Here is what I believe is the official free-agency list 
McLouth, Nate 
Sherrill, George 
Wilson, Jack 

Arizona Diamondbacks 
Marquis, Jason 
McDonald, John 
Nady, Xavier 
Overbay, Lyle 

Baltimore Orioles 
Guerrero, Vladimir 
Izturis, Cesar 

Boston Red Sox 
Bedard, Erik 
Drew, J.D. 
Jackson, Conor 
Miller, Trever 
Ortiz, David 
Boston Red Sox
Papelbon, Jon 
Varitek, Jason 
Wakefield, Tim 

Chicago Cubs 
Grabow, John 
Johnson, Reed 
Lopez, Rodrigo 
Ortiz, Ramon 
Pena, Carlos 
Wood, Kerry 

Cincinnati Reds 
Hernandez, Ramon J. 
Renteria, Edgar 
Willis, Dontrelle 

Cleveland Indians 
Durbin, Chad 
Fukudome, Kosuke 
Thome, Jim 

Colorado Rockies 
Cook, Aaron 
Ellis, Mark 
Millwood, Kevin 
Chicago White Sox
Castro, Ramon Abraham 
Pierre, Juan 
Vizquel, Omar 

Detroit Tigers 
Betemit, Wilson 
Guillen, Carlos 
Ordonez, Magglio 
Penny, Brad 
Santiago, Ramon 
Zumaya, Joel 

Miami Marlins 
Dobbs, Greg 
Lopez, Jose 
Vazquez, Javier C. 

Houston Astros 
Barmes, Clint 
Michaels, Jason 

Kansas City Royals 
Chen, Bruce 
Francis, Jeff 
Kendall, Jason 

Los Angeles Angels 
Branyan, Russ 
Pineiro, Joel 
Ramirez, Horacio 
Rodney, Fernando 

Los Angeles Dodgers
Broxton, Jonathan 
Carroll, Jamey 
Garland, Jon 
Kuroda, Hiroki 
MacDougal, Mike 
Miles, Aaron 
Padilla, Vicente 
Rivera, Juan 

Milwaukee Brewers 
Betancourt, Yuniesky 
Counsell, Craig 
Fielder, Prince 
Hairston Jr, Jerry 
Hawkins, LaTroy 
Kotsay, Mark S. 
Rodriguez, Francisco 
Saito, Takashi 

Minnesota Twins 
Capps, Matt 
Cuddyer, Mike 
Kubel, Jason 
Nathan, Joe 
New York Mets 
Batista, Miguel 
New York Mets
Capuano, Chris 
Hairston, Scott 
Harris, Willie 
Isringhausen, Jason 
Reyes, Jose 
Young, Chris 

New York Yankees 
Ayala, Luis 
Chavez, Eric 
Colon, Bartolo 
Garcia, Freddy Antonio 
Jones, Andruw 
Marte, Damaso 
Mitre, Sergio 
Posada, Jorge 

Oakland A’s
Crisp, Coco 
DeJesus, David 
Harden, Rich 
Matsui, Hideki 
Willingham, Josh 

Philadelphia Phillies 
Gload, Ross 
Ibanez, Raul J. 
Lidge, Bradley 
Madson, Ryan 
Oswalt, Roy 
Rollins, Jimmy 
Schneider, Brian 

Pittsburgh Pirates 
Lee, Derrek 
Ludwick, Ryan 

San Diego Padres 
Bell, Heath 
Harang, Aaron 
Hawpe, Brad 
Qualls, Chad 

Seattle Mariners 
Bard, Josh 
Kennedy, Adam 
Pena, Wily 
Wright, Jamey 

San Francisco Giants 
Beltran, Carlos 
Burrell, Pat 
Cabrera, Orlando 
De Rosa, Mark 
Mota, Guillermo 

St. Louis Cardinals 
Jackson, Edwin 
Laird, Gerald 
Pujols, Albert 
Punto, Nick 
Rhodes, Arthur 

Tampa Bay Rays 
Cruz, Juan 
Damon, Johnny 
Kotchman, Casey 

Texas Rangers 
Chavez, Endy 
Gonzalez, Mike 
Oliver, Darren 
Treanor, Matt 
Webb, Brandon 
Wilson, C.J. 

Toronto Blue Jays 
Camp, Shawn 
Francisco, Frank 
Johnson, Kelly 
Molina, Jose

Washington Nationals
Ankiel, Rick
Coffey, Todd 
Cora, Alex 
Gomes, Jonny 
Hernandez, Livan 
Nix, Laynce 
Rodriguez, Ivan 
Wang, Chien-Ming 

The following players are eligible for free agency pending option provisions in their Uniform Players Contract (UPC): 

Arizona Diamondbacks 
Duke, Zach 
Blanco, Henry 
Bloomquist, Willie 
Hill, Aaron 

Boston Red Sox 
Scutaro, Marco 
Wheeler, Daniel 

Chicago Cubs 
Ramirez, Aramis 

Cincinnati Reds 
Cordero, Francisco 
Phillips, Brandon 

Cleveland Indians

Colorado Rockies 
Giambi, Jason 

Los Angeles Angels 
Wells, Vernon 

New York Yankees 
Soriano, Rafael 
Sabathia, C.C. 
Cano, Robinson 
Swisher, Nick 

Pittsburgh Pirates 
Cedeno, Ronny 
Doumit, Ryan 
Maholm, Paul 
Snyder, Chris 

San Francisco Giants 
Affeldt, Jeremy 

St. Louis Cardinals 
Dotel, Octavio 
Furcal, Rafael 
Molina, Yadier 
Patterson, Corey 

Tampa Bay Rays 
Farnsworth, Kyle 
Shoppach, Kelly 

Toronto Blue Jays 
Encarnacion, Edwin 
Rauch, Jon

Good For You St Loo

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Great WS, unbelievable Game 6, very good game 7 and a perfect way to end the baseball season.

I’m happy for the Cards. Yeah I know ‘06 still stings but unless there is a really great story in the AL - like the ‘04 BoSox - I’m always gonna root for my league.

In fact it was a great year for the NL after we won the All-Star game, earned home-field advantage and watched it pay off with back-to-back W’s in games 6 & 7.

I know Larussa can rub you the wrong way - but he’s a great baseball manager.

Yes Pujols is a little annoying, but he’s a friggin BEAST with the bat in his hands. 

And hats off to David Freese who was OFF THE RICHTER SCALE hot from game 6 - 7 delivering a 2 run game tying triple in the 9th, the walk off solo shot in the 11th and a 2 run double to tie Game 7 in the 1st, all in the span of 3 AB’s — now THAT’S a WS MVP right there… not to mention a newly minted legend.

Now THAT’S a World Series Game

Friday, October 28th, 2011

What an unbelievable game we just saw unfold in game 6.

Man, those Cards kept getting up off the mat to battle back.

Damn, Texas must be in agony after being 1 strike away from the championship… In back-to-back innings!!!!

David Freese became an October legend first the 2 strike 2 out bottom of the 9th 2 run triple to tie the game, only to be outdone by his walk-off bomb to dead CF in the 11th.

INSANE. I can’t only imagine what that would be like if the Mets were in that game… Although I have a bad feeling we’d be the Rangers in this scenario.

Can Texas possibly win a game 7 after the emotional drain of game 6? 

I say Yes. So long as they don’t get rocked in the first couple of innings Game 6 will seem like a distant memory by the time the 5th or 6th inning rolls around.

I’m still rooting for St Loo but I’m just happy we’re getting a game 7 to close out the baseball season.

Can’t wait!

Hot Stove Days Away - No Clue About Mets 

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

With the WS winding down the free agent period is about to start. First we wait for 5 days after Series is over for the “exclusive negotiating period”s to expire and then the musical chairs begins.

Who’s testing the waters, who wants who, and who’s got money to spend?

There will certainly be lots of guys who’d look good in orange and blue but the question of the season is “How much do we have to spend?”

Allegedly the resources are available to sign Reyes… But then how much is left to spend? 

We need a closer, we may need a CF, need a SS(!) not to mention arms for starting and relief.

I realize the Wilpons are keeping quiet about how much $ they can and will spend to improve this team.

I’m guessing there is flexibility to sign Reyes but I fear that may leave us scrapping the bottom of the barrel to fill out the rest of the roster.

Another Reason to Root for the Cards

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

In addition to rooting along party lines and backing the NL Cards the thought occurred to me Sun Nite while checking in on the WS.

If the Rangers lose they’ll likely be more hungry/aggressive to sign/retain big ticket free agents thus giving the evil Yankees.

In addition they will have a better chance to stay highly  motivated to compete and beat the Yankees in 2012.

Yes these are the thoughts of a bitter Met fan…

Monday Blasts

Monday, October 24th, 2011

• I guess if Pujols rocks 3 HR’s in a WS game he can skip out on the press anytime he likes. Perhaps he’s not the most likable guy in the game but you can’t mess with his production.

• Raise your hand if you saw Derek Holland’s gem coming — me neither. I know he’s not a sexy name and this isn’t a WS with a lot of juice to it outside of the participating markets but that ranks up there with all time WS outings

• While watching the Jets game on TV yesterday I noticed how embarrassingly ugly their field is. I mean the stadium cost something like a billion dollars and is 1 year old but the field looks like a beat to shit HS field that needs replacing. 

The most offensive angle is the high/wide shot where you look down at the turf from high above. It looks AWFUL.

I’m dumbfounded about how this could possibly be.