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White Noise from the BX

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

BMF has made a very pointed, point to avoid all media coverage of Mariano’s record breaking save.

I should be more mature, I suppose. I should act like an adult, I guess. But if there’s one thing I hold dear to my heart - it’s an unbridled hatred of anything Yankee.

I hate their team, owners, fair weather, front runner, out of town just moved to the upper east side suddenly became an obnoxious yankee fans, players, world series crowns, records, no-hitters, stadium dimentions…. Blah, blah, blah…

Another Yankee record/milestone? 

Leave me alone!

Ruben A-OK

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Check out Ruben Tejada and his 4 RBI on the day.

Sophist shorty post today:

BMF is really becoming a BIG Tejada fan.  I CERTAINLY don’t want Jose leaving but at least we have an insidCe policy in case Jose leaves.

And if he stays Tejada will bump over to second - this kid jaz a career ahead of him.

Dickey Robbed Again

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

RA Dickey wasn’t gonna be in Cy Young contention no matter what went right but he wuz robbed yet again.

RA threw a gem 7.1 IP with a single run allowed but Hudson out dueled him.

Reyes slipped .001 batting avg point behind Braun. 


What do ya make of the Mayweather fight???

I certainly wasn’t dropping 60 bucks on ppv and realized that a simple YouTube search gave me everything I needed to see.

What was with all the lovey-dovey sh*t? One apology OK but he wants to hug it out again??? WTF put up your dukes and fight! 

Mets Open Can on Braves

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Y’know those old trick cans of nuts that have a springloaded snake inside that leaps out upon opening? That’s what the Met offense was like tonite. They immediately scored 4 in the first and kept scoring until the 9th.

Come to think of it you never see those snake cans around anymore do you? I bet they’d be a big hit if people started using them again. Except some a-hole would prob try and sue you for emotional springy snake damage.

A day earlier the Nats were whooping our ass but yesterday it was out turn to romp as the Met beat the Braves into submission with 20 hits in a 12-2 rout.

Everyone’s favorite batting leader Reyes had 3 hits to push his avg to .334. Jose suddenly has a little cushion as Braun sits at .330

Duda continues to hit-hit-hit going 4-5 to lift his avg to .290. I swear to the God of MrMet I become a bigger Duda fan every day. Of course his power is what catches your eye but the kid can handle the bat. He’s surged past Ike as my favorite young Met. 

Bay Headed for .250?

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Quite frankly it would be big news if Jason Bay finished at or above .250 on the year. Normally thats nothing to brag about but for Bay it would signify a very hot September which might mean he may not be the worst free agent signing by the Mets after -all…. maybe….?

What an ass thrashing the Nats dished out last nite 10-1 jeez.

Schwinden pitched pretty good allowing only 1 ER in 5IP.

Val Pascucci’s in the mix again. I gotta say I’ve always been happy to watch this guy hit… oh the power potential is so intoxicating ain’t it? 

Reyes sat out, and with the Brewers catching an off day seems like a good time to rest Jose.

Day Game

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Soak ‘em up boys and girls not many games left…

Game thread…