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Please Shut the F Up Mets Fans!!!

Thursday, September 29th, 2011


It’s an incredible personal achievement and now we as a franchise can tick off one more item on the “Still haven’t had” list.

I really hope we can behave ourselves and refrain from bashing Jose because we run the VERY REAL RISK of alienating our prodigal son.

I know the clowns on talk tv and radio will do their best to stir up controversy but we as a fanbase can’t allow ourselves to be baited into that. 

The one thing Jose loves about NY is the fans and the energy we provide. If he feels we’ve turned on him or simply aren’t celebrating with him like he deserves he may just end up in Frisco.

I was shocked and dismayed Reyes came out after 1 AB… But I understand 1,000% why he did it. 

I know it’s fun to say “Ted Williams is rolling over in his cryogenic state” but there’s loooooonnnggg list of batting champs that took limited AB’s in game 162 or didn’t play at all. 

Personally I thought Jose could easily have picked up 2-3 hits to slam the door and it woulda been great to see but the guys just won a batting crown with a .336 BA — YOU CAN’T BE MAD AT HIM!!!!

He’s in the record books and now has a tremendously sexy stat to thrown around in contract negotiations.

I know the people who went to the game were hoping he’s play 9 but that’s life.

It’s too bad it all happened so fast. I can’t figure out why Collins didn’t let him take the field and call him off from SS. It would have given the crowd a chance to cheer him and it would’ve felt a little less like a blindside.

Regardless we gotta get over any childish, pettiness regarding game 162. 

Because we can’t afford to be anything less than 100% supportive, welcoming and loving to Jose right now. The next 8-10 years are too important.

Reyes on Cusp of History

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

It may be his final game in a Met uniform (but I doubt it)

It may be a seminal game in franchise history if Jose collects a couple of hits

It will definitely be the last Met game we get for a looong time

What’s the over/under of standing O’s Reyes gets? 3?

Game thread…

…and DOWN the Stretch He Comes!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

On the second to last day of the season Jose Reyes smacked TWO HR’s and went 3-6 to pull ahead of Ryan Braun .336 to .335.

This sort of day should be an exclamation point in the batting crown… but there’s 1 game left. 

It’s a day game so consider it your last chance to be distracted from work by the Mets. But this will surely be a game worth watching.

Great to see a curtain call for Jose Tuesday night - I expect a Jose Reyes love fest wed afternoon.

TC said he might lift Jose if he starts with 2 straight hits… I get chills just thinking about that.

C’mon Jose bring it home, Baby!!!!

Open Letter to Reyes

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

As Jose Reyes leads Ryan Braun by .00003 for the Batting Crown his free agency is fast approaching. Jose’s ultimate decision can change all of our baseball lives drastically. It is in that spirit BMF All-Star BlondiesJake pens this open letter to Jose:


Big Pelf Awful End of Season

Monday, September 26th, 2011

This year has gone horribly wrong for Mike Pelfrey. On Opening Day he was our number one starter but after 162 games his very ugly stats will read: 7-13 4.74 ERA. 

And the bad news is he’s been getting worse as the season winds down. Yesterday’s line was a putrid 5R,  9H, 1BB, 1K in 3IP. 

Personally I think the guy’s confidence was damaged by being miscast into a number 1 and it was too much too soon for Pelfrey’s psyche.

I haven’t lost faith that Pelfrey can indeed mature into a solid SP but I question if he can do it in NY. Making it in NY is one thing but making it in NY after you’ve got the additional baggage of what he’s been through… We’ll that’s a lot to ask. 

As for Reyes… he needs a couple of big games. He’s now .002 points behind Braun. 

Dickey Flirts with Immortality

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

At this point when a pitcher takes a no-no into the 7th he enters a select group of Mets who almost made history.

It would’ve been so typical Mets if the first no-hitter came in late Sept when no one was watching.

On second thought, it’s much more typical Meta the no-no was lost.

Oh well maybe today….?