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Is Duda Officially a Beast Yet?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Well, I suppose it’s still too soon to officially call Duda a beast but I’m telling you he’s on his way to beastdom.

The guys is a slow starter but once he gets comfortable his water finds it’s level and that’s often beyond the OF wall.

Duda launched his 7th bomb of the year and now looks fully up to speed. If you recall he started very slowly last season with a huge o-fer before feasting on september pitching.

Vance Worley kicked our ass after we let him off the hook in the first inning once Pagan and Tejada set the table.

Word is Niese is headed to the DL with a tweaked back incurred during his last start. And with a double header on tap next week the Mets will summon 2 arms from below. 

The possible candidates are: Miguel Batista, Pat Misch, and/or Chris Schwinden.

Wow, how’s that for an underwhelming pool of pitching options.

Remember when this team was exciting to watch a few weeks back? 

Yeah well no more.

Can Niese Stop the Free Fall?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Would be great to see one of our starters slam the door on the Phils

Game thread…

Pagan and Mets Both Puke

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Angel Pagan was nowhere to be seen when his turn to bat came up. I guess no one noticed he wasn’t in the on-deck circle while he was in the bathroom with a “stomach virus”. To me that sounds like he was at the toilet puking or more likely on the toilet eliminating from the other end. Same urgency different orifice.

Angel grounded out on the first pitch he was which made me wonder if he was swinging no matter what because he might have an accident in the batter’s box.

If you’re looking for a positive from last nite’s 10-0 ass thrashing in Philly Reuben Tejada is your man. The Kid scampered down the line on a looping foul ball and made the catch crashing into the rolled up tarp while Wright lept on top of the tarp making for a cool visual.

Actually there is more good news - Duda picked up 2 more hits. It’s not even a big deal anymore that Duda picks / base knocks off Cliff Lee when the limits us to 5 hits all night.

But back to Tejada who is still just 21. To me anyone that looks this smooth at that age deserves a chance to develop and show us what he’s got.

Rivalry Nite

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Too bad there’s no juice this year

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2012 Lineup?

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Despite another tough loss, and another wasted comeback BMF is encouraged by what our future holds.

Suppose we don’t spend a cent outside our organization on offense and our line-up is this:

Reyes SS
Pagan CF
Wright 3B
Ike  1B
Bay LF
Duda RF
Tejada/Turner 2B
Thole C

I can live with this.

If we have Reyes I’m happy.
Pagan is finally back up to speed. 
Wright’s dangerous bat has returned.
Ike should* resume his path to prominence
Bay just might take another step out of the darkness
Duda looks like the real deal
Turner/Tejada sure why not
Thole - I believe he will eventually get up to speed with bat and defense

*asterisk due Met medical Dept 

All I’m sayin’ is the above players are at least guys I can root for.

Let’s Get 1 Boys

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

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