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Buh-Bye .500

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Wave goodbye to the break even mark folks because I think that’s the last we’re gonna see it until 2012.

This latest loss is really discouraging. I mean 3 hits? Really, 3 hits vs the shitty Fish? 

I know we’ve got a AAA lineup out there but c’mon we can’t muster more than 3 hits??? Vs Clay Hensley? 

They somehow scratched out a run in the 9th thanks to Jason Bay who delivered RBI number 29 on the year! Oh man at this blistering rate he might finish upwards of 60 ribbies. 

What are we gonna do with Bay? I see the articles where he says he’s more frustrated than anyone but all he can do is keep at it. I don’t doubt either point but how long are we going to continue this charade?

Pagan is simply dead in the water - again. I don’t know what happened to this guy. He was one of the best kept secrets in baseball last year but now he can’t get a friggin hit. I think we need to take him out of the lead-off spot.

I’m not positive but I feel like his bat was heating up until he was pushed to lead-off. Maybe when Jose returns some pressure will lift from Pagan.

Capuano wasn’t terrible retiring the first 11 men he faced. He could have used some offensive support since it’s not unreasonable to get a win while allowing 4 runs … unless you’re facing Clay Hensley.

You know you’re in trouble when Willie Harris is your big bat.

Fish in Flushing

Monday, July 18th, 2011

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Can’t Beat Philly

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I never like losing a series to the Philthies but I guess I’m betting used to it.

I saw Metsblog we are 2-15-1 in 18 series vs. Philadelphia since ‘09. Damn I hadn’t realized it was THAT bad. 

Can it be considered a good rivalry when it’s a hammer and a nail scenario? 

Great to see them scrapping till the final out but these moral victories just don’t stick to the ribs.

Don’t look now but Jason Bay has quietly slipped back into oblivion taking another 0-4 Sunday. He’s been able to fly under the radar of late with everyone’s attention focused on Reyes, K-Rod and Beltran but if he doesn’t pick it up this homestand the Shea Faithful’s wrath may find him again.

Why on earth were there 20 fans standing outside the dugout forming a human chute the Mets were forced to run through to start the game? Gary and the boys sure had a good laugh at that. 

I really wonder who made the decision to force 8 players and a starting pitcher (!) to shatter their pre-game routine by forcing them to touch a bunch of strangers as they took the field. Smells like the work of the Met PR Dept to me

I’m a big Morgan Freeman fan but why the Hell is he in the PIX booth during a game? I guess he was promoting Mandela Day which requests we all do something today for 6-7 minutes to help others. A great cause no doubt but I’m trying to watch a game.

Why on earth would I care to hear stories about Morgan Freemans big break in summer stock theatre during of a Mets/Phillies game???

Pelfrey Goes for Series Win

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I guess Beltran really does have the flu since he’s out of the lineup again today…

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Niese too Nice!

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

If anyone STILL didn’t know John Niese is the m’n MAN - you betta recognize!

Niese stymied baseball’s best team allowing 1ER, 6H, 1BB and 6K’s in 7IP as the Mets walloped the Phils 11-2

Hairston started in right and delivered a 3 hit 5 RBI game.

Sorta surprised to see Beltran get a rest there. If his days are numbered with the Mets you’d think we’d have him out there the second game back from the break… Unless you’re close to a deal …

Met Phils Sat Aft

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Great day to be at the ballpark

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