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Rain Delay … again

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Projected start time is now 1:30

Game thread…

You Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

All of a sudden Ike Davis may need Microfracture surgery??!!?? 

That was the headline but the fine print was even more troubling:

It seems the Met decision to keep Ike in a boot for 3 weeks may have actually done damage - DOH!

Apparently in addition to still having his bone bruise he’s now developed a cartilidge issue in his ankle. It seems the boot didn’t allow enough blood flow to promote healing. 

WTF is wrong with the NY Mets? 

I’ve never heard of a franchise in any major sport that is so consistently successful at screwing up a relatively simple situation.

I thought it was odd when I read earlier this week Ike was still in the boot. How on earth did we get from a bruised calf to micro fracture surgery.

I don’t even really know what micro-fracture surgery is other than it was still at the experimental stage when I first heard of it with Beltran.

What I do know is micro-fracture surgery = season over

For cryin’ out loud Ike went back to first and finished the inning — it can’t be THAT bad? Can it? It prob wasn’t until the Mets ham-handed medical staff got ahold of him.

I’d like to remind all youngsters to always CALL FOR THE BALL. If Ike, Wright or Pelfrey were communicating none of this would have happened.


Re: Last Nite’s win

I’ll take a HBP Walk-Off any day.

I hate to see K-Rod blowing games like this all of a sudden - he’s losing trade value with each BS
What a play by Gio gonzalez to catch a poor toss from his 1st baseman while sliding into first.

Rain Delay in Flushing

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I can’t even comment on the Ike Davis situation until tomm…

Game thread…

Beat Up by A’s

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Admittedly I didn’t see last nite’s game as BMF was at Hofstra for the Empire Challenge aka Boomer (Esiason) Game which pits NYC’s best HS football players vs Long Island. LI won a great hard hitting game.

But here are a few thoughts:

• Gee was due to catch a flat tire one of these outings and it finally arrived last nite. In a way it’s good to get that first loss out of the way. No one goes undefeated so now we can get back to the business of being a young pitcher.

• Holy Crap J-Bay went 3-3 and was on base 4-4 with a monster blast?!?  Izzit possible he’s finally arriving in Flushing? I’ll gladly trade this loss to kick start Bay’s bat. I’m not holding my breath but I’m just saying.

Word is Pagan may begin sitting vs lefties? I guess if he’s only batting .128 (5-39) off southpaws this year but to me I want Pagan in there everyday. The guy makes things happen.

• Remember when David Wright and Ike Davis were on this team? 


Btw it looks like we’ve lost a bunch of Tattoo Parlor pics when we changed hosting last week - so if you don’t see your tatoo please re-submit

If Santana Returned Today Who Would Go?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I still don’t expect Johan to contribute anything this season. Even if he does return it’s unfair to demand the old Santana just off surgery. 

But suppose he magically showed up ready to go against the A’s, who would get bumped from the starting ro’?

Capuano? Definitely not - especially considering he’s arguably been our best pitcher.

Pelfrey? No Way. He’s back to being lights out and again looks like a future stud.

Niese? Can’t pull this kid. Aside from Sunday he’s been fantastic.

Gee? Not a chance. He’s exceeded all expectations and shows no signs of slowing down

Dickey? Maybe the most likely candidate but certainly doesn’t deserve to be yanked.

In fact the best answer may be a 6 man rotation. 

I’m generally not a fan of this strategy but it would save innings on Johan’s post-surgically repaired arm. Dickey doesn’t need the extra rest but it might not be a bad idea to limit innings on Gee and Niese.

Funny BMF never imagined we’d have such a high level of SP that a decision like this would be so difficult.


Chill With Ike in Brooklyn

Check this out: Ike Davis will be holding a charity event in Brooklyn to help kids with cancer.

The event is being billed as The 1st Annual, “Striking out Childhood Cancer: A Night with Ike Davis” Charity Dinner. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 7:00 PM at Michael’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.

Michaels happens to be Ike’s favorite restaurant ever since he was a kid and his father would take him there while playing for the Yankees.

Click on the tile to the left for all info but here’s a quick rundown:

TICKETS ARE: $200 Adult , $100 Youth (16 & under) 
This family friendly evening includes: full dinner; drinks; live interview with Q&A from the guests; a signed baseball item from Ike; a special event T-shirt; auctions of one-of-a-kind items; photographs; raffle and a gift bag of goodies.

And obtw Linda Cohn of ESPN will be hosting with other special guests expected as well.

Should be a pretty cool night for a great cause at one of Brooklyn’s best eateries so please support by attending or making a tax deductible donation.

Thank You Jose for NOT Signing with Boras

Monday, June 20th, 2011

I think we as Met fans should all give our SS a big thank you for doing the right thing.

The best news out of Queens this season may be the fact that Jose Reyes is NOT changing agents to Scott Boras and will remain with Peter Greenberg.

Greenberg must’ve been sweating bullets knowing his client was meeting with Boras. I don’t know how you let your client sit down with Scott friggin’ Boras so he must’ve had no choice.

I gotta say I’m shocked Reyes didn’t follow Boras down the diabolical rabbit hole he creates for his highest profile clients.

If Jose went with Boras he was finished in NY… or at least in Queens.

You gotta figure Boras told Jose he would get him more money than Greenberg or anyone else could possibly land.

He probably told him he would have to leave the Mets because Boras’ clients ALWAYS take the highest offer and these cash strapped Wilpons wouldn’t be able to match someone’s offer. 

Or perhaps he told Jose how the Wilpons can be duped again. Fooled into bidding against themselves. 

But Jose didn’t want a part of whatever Boras was selling and THAT is the very reason I believe Jose will remain a Met.

If you recall Jose didn’t take a greedy contract last time. The Mets signed him before Wright and Jose got much less. I believe Greenberg was his agent on that deal too which leads me to believe we’ve got a very good chance of getting another reasonable deal for Jose.

Perhaps Jose isn’t the greedy athlete we all assume they all are. Is it possible playing for the Mets means more to him than and extra 10-15M on a 100M dollar deal.

Maybe I’m dreaming here but that’s the vibe I get.


As for the game - It wasn’t meant to be. We didn’t hit till the 9th - Niese was so-so at best and the Mets look thrashed. 

Luckily they’ve got a day off today.