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Reyes Enters Stratosphere

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Jose Reyes ripped off 4 more hits to push his avg to .341 as he continues to have the best offensive Met season ever. Seriously - can anyone think of a a better season from a bat in Flushing? 

Jose was 4-5 with 3 runs an RBI and his 28th SB. Obtw he also made a tremendous defensive play to limit the damage in the first 

If these friggin’ Wilpon Mutts can’t figure out how to keep this guy I may have to quit the Mets until Einhorn takes over.

It was great to see the Mets score 8 more runs. All this offense is sorta buggin’ me out especially with half our IF on the DL.

But the 8 runs almost weren’t enough considering the Rangers were hammering Gee spraying the ball over the yard. If it weren’t for some slick defense and bunch of lucky “at ‘em” balls. 

Quick Hits:

• Meanwhile Bay is back in the crapper after another o-fer. This time it was a 5 AB collar dropping him to .231. Although he did have an RBI… number 16 on the year.

• I was happy to see Endy Chavez connect for a run scoring double off K-Rod in the 9th. I’ll always live the BLBB.

• Did anyone else notice how barren and temporary looking the Met lockers were in the visiting clubhouse? Bizarre.

Gee in Texas

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Do ya’ get the feeling they don’t like NY’ers in Texas?

Game thread…


Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Based on Saturday’s game it looks like Lucas Duda plans to take full advantage of the Ike injury.

Duda produced an eye opening 4-5 day including 3 doubles, 4 RBI and 2 runs.

We definitely need consistent production before buying into Duda but this is a statement game from the strapping young OF’er playing first.

Hard to know what will become of Duda but the kid definitely needs to be here right now.

Saturday’s game just goes to show, ya never know in the game of baseball. No one in the world saw an offensive explosion coming from the Mets with their patchwork lineup but sure enough the put 14 runs on the board.

The only guy who didn’t hit yesterday was Pagan.

What happened to Angel? He’s ice cold again.

Mets in TX Game 2

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Game thread…

Mets in Texas

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Game thread…

Let Duda Play

Friday, June 24th, 2011

If we’re really about to lose Ike Davis until 2012 I say Duda needs to be given everyday ABs.

Collins may be thinking the same considering he’s started Lucas at first the past 2 games. 

I realize Murphy is hitting again so don’t want to take him out of the lineup. But I think we have something of a handle on who Murphy can be as a Big Leaguer. Likely a guy who can hit .300, possibly more, with a little pop and hopefully adequate defense. 

Granted there is still some growing to be done by Murph to attain this projection and he deserves to play 3rd for the foreseeable future/until Wright gets back. 

But in the meanwhile I’m dying to see what Duda can do with steady AB’s. He started off rough last year but ended the season destroying the ball. But Sept ABs are against an expanded roster and diluted pitching so we need to see more. 

He didn’t catch fire to start this year and ended up back in AAA. After getting hot down there he’s back and needs a chance to show us what he’s got against full tilt MLB pitching staffs.

The allure about Duda is his tremendous power. This guy can be a legitimate slugger. A guy who doesn’t care about CityField and all that BS Duda can hit them out of any lark in professional baseball.

We haven’t had a genuine slugger in years. The kind of guy who makes you sit up when he’s AB because he just might launch one. Kingman was like that, Strawberry, Piazza.

This power starved team barely has any HR hitters left. Our biggest slugger may need micro-fracture surgery. Wright may have power sapping back issues  the rest of his career. Beltran is as good as gone. And Bay… Pffftttttt who the Hell knows. Because of all this uncertainty we’re even more obligated to see if we don’t have a bona-fide slugger in Duda. 

At least it’s a silver lining to the Ike injury.


Another Gem from Capuano!

Damn this guy is good. I sure hope his tweaked muscle that caused him to leave after 6 shutout innings. 

Capuano is a great veteran presence on an incredibly young staff. Niese and Gee are pups and Pelfrey is still a young arm. No doubt Dickey is a veteran but he’s very young re: that knuckler.