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Early Rain Out

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Maybe its raining in Queens but its not in Brooklyn and at 5:30 the game has already been called.

I don’t doubt it’s gonna pour all night so I guess the Mets did a favor to the 1,200 people who were planning on attending tonights contest.

Wright to DL When Will it End?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The SNY sports ticker that repeatedly ran across the bottom of the screen during the game was almost too absurd to believe as it read:

“Chris Young underwent successful surgery… Jenrry Mejia underwent successful surgery… David Wright stress fracture in lower back…”

So in one fell sports ticker update the Mets “big” free agent signing, their top prospect and the face of the franchise all bit the dust.

This has got to be the most snake bitten sports franchise I’ve ever seen.

The good news is Pelf out pitched Josh Johnson, too bad his 1 mistake was to Stanton who OBLITERATED a ball deep into the black of the batter’s eye above the apple. It was the only run he allowed in 7IP but unfortunately cost the Mets a chance to win in regulation.

The 11th was crazy with Marlin pitcher Badenhop singling in the eventual game winner and Niese lacing a triple in the bottom of the frame only to be stranded on third.

Looks like Paulino will be Pelf’s personal catcher from here on out. I’m not 100% opposed to a personal catcher relationship but I’m less than thrilled about creating a safety blanket for a guy like Pelf who may suddenly lose confidence if matched with Thole. Then again Paulino needs starts so why not with Pelf? I mean if it ain’t broke…

How many people could have possibly been in the seats lat nite? The box score reported 23,721 but that number is a complete farce. I can’t imagine there were more than 3K people in the seats when the game started - granted I was watching on TV but still…

I guess it’s good news Wright has a fractured lower back since it definitively explains why his bat has been MIA. Hopefully he’ll heal up in the next couple of weeks but I’m very concerned this will be an extended injury.

The plan is to put Justin Turner (my newest favorite Met) at 3rd, Murphy at 1st and minor league SS Reuben Tejada at 2nd.

Hu goes down, Igarashi sent down too, Beato is activated, Wright hits DL, Evans is up - WOW busy day for the Mets.

Big Pelfrey in the Rain Drops

Monday, May 16th, 2011

C’mon Mommy Nature - LET THEM PLAY!!!

Game thread…

Turner Time

Monday, May 16th, 2011


Hello Justin Turner - would you like to be our secondbaseman? 

Just when it looked like Daniel Murphy got the gig Ike end up on the DL, Murph goes to first and the door opens for Turner.

Re: Murphy: for all his hits so far this season he’s still batting .248 with shaky defense.

As for Turner he’s a gutty little player who may have just had his break through performance Sunday with a 2-4 5RBI day.

The big blow was his 3 run shot to put the game away. It may be his first Big League bomb but he showed nice pop for a second baseman with 12 homers in about 400 AAA at bats last year.

He’s only had about 40 AB’s this year so while it’s premature to hand him the job if he has a good week he might never look back.


Shout to Capuano for another W. He wasn’t dazzling but delivered 5 innings allowing 2 runs on 6H while issuing 3 walks against 6K. I’ll sign for that performance any day.

Frankie continues to dominate with another 1-2-3 inning lowering his ERA to 0.92. There’s been good buzz on K-Rod too. Apparently he’s looser and smiles more now than he did last year. Funny at the time I loved it when he confronted a Yankee in the OF last year but now it just looks like a guy with an out of control anger problem. 

Either way he’s been lights out and we can’t ask for more than that. 

Say what you want but our Mets are 14-6 with Bay is in the lineup

Dickey’s Lightning Out of Bottle

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

It looks as though the days of RA Dickey as an effective pitcher are over. 

Maybe he can rediscover his form but BMF ain’t holding my breath. 

My theory on knucklers is they always even out. All their good usually balance out with equal bad every season but it looks like Dickey was able to stave off that bad luck in 2010. 

Too bad the bill has come due in 2011 as the Met knuckleballer now stands at 1-5 with a 5.08 era — Bleeaacchhh!

Mets Roar Back

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Wow when do you ever see the Mets rally from a 4 run deficit and get the win?

It could be this is a turning point of sorts for this team. In fact 3 guys may have flipped the switch on:

J Bay cranked his 2nd bomb of the season. Talk about a guy who needed a big hit. Maybe, and I stress the word maybe, Bay can refind his once dangerous bat.

The only guy more in need of a hit than Bay is undoubtedly David Wright who smoked a 2 run HR. It turned out to be the game winner and should be a tremendous load off Wright’s head. 

Credit to Mex who saw the catcher call for a change up and declared it a terrible pitch selection as the ball was being thrown. Sure enough Wright parked it and Mex looked like a genius - again.

F-Mart had perhaps the biggest hit when he crushed a 2 run bomb to the upper deck. This brought the Mets within 4-3 and injected life in an otherwise quiet dugout.

I gotta say I STILL believe Fernando Martinez can be a force on the big league level.