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Tulowitzki Dismantles Mets

Friday, April 15th, 2011

A four game sweep right out of CityField sure is a tough pill to swallow… 

BMF is as sick and disappointed as the next fan but I’m realistic in my view of this team so I’m not letting these individual losses get me down. The truth is We’re not winning any pennants or wildcards this season. Like it or not we are in the midst of rebuilding.

And no matter what happens I’m not placing blame on the skipper or GM this season… Well, I guess Collins could prove to be a bad match here but so far I like the passion I see from him. 

The dude really wants to win and it bugs the living shit out of him when they don’t. I appreciate that in my manager but considering Collins has crashed/burned and lost clubhouses before the situation bears monitoring. 

Meanwhile Collins summed up the vibe better than I can after the double header: ”depressing”

He went on to add:
“Troy Tulowitzi is a very, very good player, but he came in to this series hitting .200, so someone was getting him out.” - Well said

“I’m not gonna sugar coat this, this is not a good home stand. This is not how we wanted to come out of the gate. This is not what we wanted to show our fans. We’re better than this and we’ll fix it.”

“I care about the game, I care about the way it’s played, so we’ll go to Atlanta and I’ll be thinking about what needs to be addressed and we’ll talk about when we get down there.’

Great, just where we want to go that house of horrors, Atlanta!

Shout to Metsblog where I lifted these quotes!

Old Skool Twin Bill

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Finally the sun is shining in NYC and the Mets are playing a single-admission double header - I’ll be very interested to see what kind of a crowd they draw today…

Did We Just See Pagan Wake Up?

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Dadgummit, another loss for the NY Mets. But perhaps there’s a silver lining… I think Pagan’s dormant bat just woke up. 

It sure looked like that game was there for the winning until Troy “Tulo” erupted - damn that guy is locked in this season.

Maybe we should pitch around him tomm during the double header. I mean I’m just sayin’… ya’ know.

But the good news is 2010 MetVP Angel Pagan had a very encouraging night going 2-2 with a triple, BB, R, and RBI. If Pagan and Jose can get it going at the same time we’re gonna win some games.

Beltran also had 2 hits and is still impressing me with his play and offensive output. 

Obtw the still unscored upon Pedro Beato is perhaps the most underrated Met on this team right now. All the guy does is toss shutout innings.


Didn’t see Collins’ postgame press conf but reading the text on Metsblog it seemed like our skipper is getting fed up with the losing and/or the ever-present media. Did anyone hear it? Maybe I’m misinterpreting his vibe???

If he’s sick of losing, I’m good with that. If he’s sick of the press, I’m worried. 

Quick Hits:

• Guess who’s hurt again down on the farm… yup you got it Fernando Martinez. I have no further comment at this time regarding that matter.

• Bonds was found guilty of obstructing justice and narrowly missed being convicted on other more serious counts thanks to one lone holdout juror — did Greg Anderson sneak into the jury box?!? As a guy who once hated Bonds for the cheat that he was BMF honestly could care less about the outcome.

Nice Nite for a Game

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

It’s actually a beautiful night out - relatively speaking - so let’s get a cool W…

How Long Until the Revolt Begins? 

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I wonder how long it will take until the fans and media begin a revolt against the current Met management team.

It’s bizarre how this is already the EXACT same script as the Omar regime. A disaster of a bullpen and terrible fundamentals. The starters leave with leads and the pen melts down immediately. Guys can’t make a simple throw home and there are bad decisions made under pressure as to where to throw the ball (Pelfrey).

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket here I’m just telling it like it is. The Met fans don’t have a lot of patience. 

A managerial change can placate us for some time but with each change the collective patience gets shorter.

A new GM is great to calm the masses but this too will eventually wear thin and unfortunately Alderson doesn’t have a lot of rope here.

But the REAL issue is ownership. The fan base has grown to hate the Wilpons and rightfully so. To us they’re ineffective owners who despite all their resources cant figure out how to run a successful franchise. The team is losing money, needs emergency loans and the commissioner is assigning one of his top lieutenants to fix the mess. How embarrasing is that? 

Obtw the Wilponzis are rich beyond our wildest dreams yet still acted like criminals by getting over on the poor schmucks who’s retirement funds were invested in Madoff’s ponzi scheme. 

The funny thing is the best team the Wilpons ever had was the late ’90’s and 2000 squad and guess who got those teams to over achieve? Bobby Valentine a man who is so disliked by the Wilponzi’s they won’t/can’t bring him back into the fold. 

I swear we the fans should band together and boycott the stadium this year so they’re forced to sell a majority stake and we can be free of their backwards way of doing things. 

I’m telling you if Jeffy Boy ever gets full autonomy of this team we’ll look back at the past few years as a golden age B.J. - Before Jeff

How Low Will Attendance Be on Rainy Tues?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Game thread…