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Collins Should’ve Blown Gasket

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The Mets are flat. They’re losing and becoming increasingly lifeless with every game. 

Last nite’s contest was pretty much out of reach as the our heroes were down 6-1 in the 8th when all of a sudden there was a glimmer of hope.

Reyes got aboard when first baseman Chris Johnson was unable to handle a one hop throw from across the diamond. One out later Wright grounded to the SS who flipped to 2nd baseman Bill Hall for the DP but the ball clanked off of Halls mitt before an out was recorded… Only that’s not how the ump saw it and ruled the drop was on the transfer and thus Reyes was out.

Except it CLEARLY bounced out of his mitt w/o the player ever having possession. It was a terrible call that brought Collins from the dugout. 

BMF was sure we were in for a good argument. I mean there was no way the firey Collins would let the umps get away with this blown call.

So our skipper runs out, talks for a couple of minutes and returns to the dugout business as usual.

My head almost exploded at the lost opportunity Collins just punted. The Mets are trying to rally. The ump blew an easy call. We’re home. The fans, or at least the handful that remained, were ready to be super-charged… But nuthin’.

I can’t stand it when managers don’t take the opportunity to inspire their team by abusing a deserving ump. 

Nothing gets the crowd going like a good ol’ scream at the ump session when everyone in the building saw it was a bad call.

The team is in such desperate need of a boost I believe it’s the managers duty to seize the moment. If you’re asking the players to provide a spark then you as a manager have the same obligation.

I don’t want to hear about, “That’s not his personality” or “You can’t ask someone to be who they’re not” — Bullshit. If you’re a major league manager and you’ve got a team needs a spark then you try anything and everything to provide it.


Do you think for a moment that Tommy Lasorda wouldn’t have gone bezerk? Or Bobby V, or Pinella, or Billy Martin?

Sorry Collins but BMF is fining you $500 (to charity) for failing to argue in an effort to provide a spark.

I mean what’s the worst that happens - he goes too far, gets tossed from game and manages from the clubhouse for 1 inning? 

And you never know a good rhubarb with an ump just might wake up this sleep walking, loser team!

Off Day Odds and Ends

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

• Word is Jason Bay will be activated in time for Thursday’s game. I’ll believe it when I see it.

• While part of me thinks the Mets can be a different offensive team with Bay’s stick in the lineup, most of me has given up hope Bay will ever be the player he was in Boston. Just can’t see that happening.

• Hey, whattya know, Ronny Paulino is playing ball and getting close to joining the Mets.  I swear I completely forgot about that guy. 

• Metsblog sez the Wilpons are sorting thru offers for as much as 49% of team. I still say it’s ludacris for anyone to give the Wilponzis all that money to be a silent partner. You’re either a terrible businessman or simply have waay too much money if you’re willing to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to the geniuses that run the Mets.

I also think they’re gonna end up selling at least 49% of the team and this is the first time they’re floated that number out there in an attempt to soften the reaction when the news becomes official.

• What’s the over/under on wins for this 6 game homestand? … 3? I’d sign for 3W’s right now and be happy we didn’t get swept.

Phew - Mets Get a W

Monday, April 18th, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - BMF is trying my best to let every single loss slide off my back this year. Things are too ugly to get emotionally invested in every single game. 

It’s too much punishment for a sane person to endure. So I’m attempting to rise above the anguish inducing losses. I expect to lose a lot this season - although certainly not THIS bad - so I’ve been mentally preparing for this. 

But the big Phew surrounding Sunday’s win likely came from the Wilponzi Mansion. Hey the fans were already chanting “SELL-THE-TEAM, SELL-THE-TEAM” last Thursday so imagine how much vitriol would start being directed at ownership if they returned home after being swept out of ATL as well.

Still what’s the mood  gonna be of the 18K or so folks who will troop out to CityField for Tuesday’s game? 

Not very friendly to Fred and Jeff that’s for sure.

*** Meanwhile Dillon Gee looks pretty damn good out there. I dont know why Gee remains so under the radar but personally I always forget about him

Swept Again

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

I’m unable to muster even a single comment about being swept in Back-to-Back Double Headers.

Not a single comment.

Rain Out

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Another DH tomm

Into the Fire

Friday, April 15th, 2011

From the frying pan of CityField to the Fire of ATL

Game thread…