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3 in a Row!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Don’t look now but the Mets are suddenly winning games. The team is now 3-0 with Jason Bay in the lineup and the LF’er was a  primary reason for Saturday’s win going 2-4 with a HR and 3 RBI. 

I had written Bay off so long ago I almost forgot the potential he has.

The Mets collected 15 hits and scored all their runs with 2 out.  Very impressive stats for the normally inept NY Mets.

Dillon Gee continues to impress allowing 4R, 2ER, 5H, 1BB, 5K in 6 IP. The kid deserves to stay in the rotation but you gotta figure he’s heading back down until we get another injury in the ro’.

K-Rod is definitely making in-roads with the fans by successfully closing out another game. It’s always a high-wire act with Francisco but with each save the fans get further behind him.

Can we get a sweep on Sunday… Pleeeze? 

Break Up the Mets!!!

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Jason Bay is 2-0. That’s the way I’m gonna look at it. I’ve been so down on Bay but you can’t argue with results and so far Bay has equaled wins.

Quick Hits:

• Pelfrey looked like he got back on track. It looked like more of the same when the D-Backs opened with a triple and had 1st and 3rd no outs but Pelf wiggled out and pitched great after that. 

• correct call by Umps and Collins to demand replay on the Ike HR. It hit about a foot above the orange line on the dead CF wall. I gotta say there’s something xtra fun about watching the Umps re-emerge from the runway and signal HR. The crown erupts as the batter cheers and advances from second base. Just the silver lining of a replay HR I guess.

• Paulino pulled an oblique in his minor league assignment which is fine with me. I like Nickeas and have no particular affinity for Paulino. Considering Nickeas is doing a good job handling the staff I have no problem with an extra set of (relatively) young legs behind the plate.

• Brad Emaus was not only offered back to the Jays but TOR paid the 25K to take him back and immediately traded him to COL. I guess the Rox liked what they saw from the kid. His head must be spinning.

Bay Back = Win

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

That’s probably an over simplification… But until further notice Bay’s return has recharged the Mets.

The boys erupted for NINE runs! Holy crap it took them 5 entire games to score their previous 9 runs.

BMF was super relieved to see Bay pick up a hit in his second AB. It quickly eliminated any possible O-fer to start his season and I feel like it led to the good karma of his little league HR. 

Quick Hits; 

• How bout Chris Capuano’s performance of 1R, 6H, 2BB, 4K in 7IP. I still have faith CC can be a very effective arm for u’s this season.

• Wright sprung back to life with 2H and 3RBI including a bomb.

• Ike unloaded an deposited a ball deep into the black batters eye in CF. Davis’s ball easily cleared the entire apple.

• Collins ran out early in the game to argue a strike call and got himself tossed. He seemed to be pushing it with the ump as if he wanted to get run which he quickly did. But it was so early the fans weren’t quite ready to get supercharged like they would’ve the other night when I said he should gotten himself run. But the Mets win big so what do I know.

• Murphy sitting in dugout looks like a character in Mad Men. I don’t even watch the show but he’s got this old fashioned look to his hair and face.

• Wright & Reyes played their 800th game together last night — holy crap!!!! That’s crazy.

Jason Bay… Is That You?

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Game thread…

BMF A.P.B. For Angel Pagan

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Where on earth is Angel Pagan?!?

BMF is so concerned that I’m issuing an All-Points-Bulletin, an Amber alert AND a good old fashioned yodel in search of the once dangerous Met.

We’re starving for runs and dying for the spark he used to provide.

If you look up and down the line-up it doesn’t look so bad. Reyes (.329) is hitting like crazy right now, and so is Beltran (.286). 

Ike (.290) has cooled although he started white hot. Wright (.229) is slumping badly but Pagan is by far the worst sitting at a putrid .167.

I cringe just typing a number as low as .167

I don’t know if it’s the pressure of replacing Beltran in CF or living up to being the best player on the team last year but Pagan is in a bad way right now and our offense is going belly up without any production from his bat.

Thing is with all these 1 or 2 run losses if we had last years Pagan we’d have at least 3 more wins.


Another depressing loss. Whattya gonna do? I’m sticking to my early season declaration that I’m not letting any losses bother me this year.

But losing 9 of our last 10 games sucks. Being 1-8 at home is a joke and sitting in last place in the NL East while owning the worst record in baseball is straight up embarrassing.

Do the Wilpons even go to the games these days? I can’t imagine they would show their faces to any Met fans. But I guess from their point of view it could be worse - they could be the Dodgers.

Meanwhile, I think we’re about 2 steps away from getting the Dodger treatment from Selig. We’ve taken loans to meet payroll and Bid already sent Alderson to straighten us out.

Mets v Stros

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Game thread…