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Daniel Murphy Takes Over DC!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

D-Murph didn’t even start the game but managed to TAKE OVER in less than 2 innings.

Down a run in the 8th Murphy watched Reyes speed around the bases and slide safely headfirst into third only to be punched out in a horrendous call.

Reyes knew his hand never came off the bag and went bezerk. 3rd base coach Chip Hale was also bonkers and the 2 Mets created quite the scene.

BMF had to laugh when Hale was simultaneously trying to hold back Jose and scream at the ump himself. I swear I saw Hale almost crack a smile mid-mele. He must’ve seen the humor in the moment too.

The clubhouse prob had a great time replaying that video and watching Jose, dreads a-bouncin’ climbing over Hale’s back as both men scream at the ump.

A moment later Collins joined the scrum and I thought it was painfully obvious the ump knew he blew it. 

You had to think the game was lost right there…

Until D-Murph strode to the plate and battled through 8 or 9 pitches before depositing one over the RF wall. It was a huge hit in the growth of these new Mets because it caused the dugout to erupt with passion I haven’t seen since ‘06.

Unfortunately Murphy showed his green-ness at second when he failed to cover second after a sliding non-catch by Bay in left. Murphy knew he blew it and again it looked like it cost the game when that runner scored.

But lo and behold the 5-in-a-row Mets went to 6-in-a-row by plating 4 runs in the 9th punctuated by Murphy’s 2 run double to put the game out of reach. 

Daniel Murphy is the Man.

Quick Hits;

• How bout Hu? Loved seeing the lil guy step up in the 9th and rope a ball to deep right to score the go-ahead and game winning run.

• Beato picked up his first W but more importantly kept his composure after the Bay/Murphy muffed play. Yes a run scored but he limited the damage

• Between Justin Turner, Murphy and Hu Met second-basemen generated 5RBI on the nite  

Knuckleball Night

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Game thread…


Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Major Props to Josh Thole who game through with as tie-breaking, and eventual game winning, 2 run double. 

The young catcher finished with 3 RBI and one gets the feeling his confidence skyrocketed after tuesday’s game. Hopefully Josh can relax at the plate and get back to being a respectable offensive player. 

I’m a believer in Thole and I think he can be a .290-.300 hitter eventually. He’s never going to be a power hitting backstop but we don’t need that. So long as he handles the staff well and delivers a solid average I’m happy. In fact I’ll take .270 from him this year. 


I’m almost having a hard time believing whats happening:

• The Mets have ripped off 5 in a row. 

• Bay is healthy and delivering at the plate.

• Beltran’s all around games looks fantastic

• Jose Reyes’ OBP is over .350

• K-Rod is becoming a fan favorite again

• The Mets are winning with Pagan, last years Met MVP, on the DL

• there’s not 1 starting pitcher who deserves to be yanked from the rotation

Young is Back

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Didn’t expect him to return this quickly so let’s hope he’s healthy and effective

Game thread…

Second Looks Like Murphy’s Job

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Sometimes you need to walk around the block to realize you’re happy exactly where you started. 

That’s essentially what happened with the Mets and D-Murphy. Once Castillo was jettisoned management thought they had better options in Emaus and/or Turner but neither has done anything to earn additional AB’s let alone a starting position. 

All along Daniel Murphy stood quietly by, working in the cage and the IF and low and behold our one-time hitting machine is back as the savior of second base. 

I can’t be mad that the Mets for not recognizing this sooner since I too had written Murphy off as yesterday’s news but I was wrong. 

Murphy’s productivity could be very effective for us batting 7th. Possibly second but I’d rather Pagan at 2 if he returns with an awakened bat.


Go Phillip Humber who shut down the Yankees in BX Mon nite. The ex-Met took a no-no into the 7th and got the win after posting 7 shutout innings.

I was happy to see Humber deliver like that. I always rooted for the guy. 

Streaking Mets are Fun to Root For

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Thank You NY Mets for suddenly being a good time again! It’s been so long I practically forgot what it was like.

Some will say we swept a so-so D-Back team but the truth is they had 2 more wins than us coming in.

I don’t want to get too excited but it sure does feel like something just clicked for the Mets.

Jason Bay is back and we’re undefeated ever since. The lineup is exponentially more dangerous with Bay hitting 5th and Ike 6th. If everyone stays healthy we can have a pretty formidable 3-4-5-6 

Reyes is having a good year so if we could just get Pagan going in the 2 hole…

Wright is officially HOT with 2 bombs yesterday and 3 over the weekend. It’s good to see David abuse CityField a little, he deserves it.

Why izzit that all of a sudden it’s not so hard to hit HR’s in CityField???

Seriously what do we attribute that to? Weather? A new comfort level in season 2? Wind Currents?  The law of averages?

I really don’t know what to make of the fact that NewShea has the 3rd highest HR avg at 2.7 HR per game.