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Gooden to Celebrity Rehab? Not Quite Yet

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

News broke Wednesday via TMZ that Dwight Gooden was headed to rehab celebrity style on VH1’s hit show.  

Of course all media outlets quickly ran with the story but as of late Wednesday eve I can tell you for a fact there was no contract signed by the Gooden camp. It may take at least a couple of days to work things out. 

And there is no guarantee he will appear on show. 

BMF has become tight with Gooden and his small team so I can attest that Celebrity Rehab has been trying to land Doc for well over a year. Although things will hopefully work out there is no deal in place… yet.

Doc’s issue isn’t with alcohol or cocaine as one might assume based on his well chronicled past transgressions. Instead it’s sleep medication.

I for one hope he is able to take advantage of this opportunity. I’m a big fan of the show as well as a believer in Dr Drew who is a genuinely educated and compassionate doctor (unlike that clown Dr Phil)

One of the benefits of appearing on the series is it allows people to see celebrities as real people with real struggles not merely headlines related to drugs and arrests.

Doc could use the PR boost because he’s really a tremendous guy but his headlines of late never mention that.

Wilpons are Schmucks

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

The owners of the Mets may consider themselves longtime businessmen but they’re clearly terrible at conducting business. 

Didja hear the latest? The Mets need another emergency loan. Not the one we learned about last week — this is an entirely new bailout. An emergency injection of cash to help make payroll.

This is merely the latest in an alarming series of shady Met money moves. The bank doesn’t even want to lend the money but its gonna happen thanks to Selig and his his old boys network.

BMF is no businessman but it sure does feel like this franchise is about to slip away from the Wilpons.

According to the Post the Mets lose 50M / year. The Wilpons have been ponzi’ed twice in a decade. Seems to me they only people who get caught up in a ponzi scheme twice are either suckers or crooks - neither of which do I want owning the Mets.

On Field Good News:
• Niese posted 3 innings allowing two hits with 2 K’s. This kid could really pop this year.

• Pedro Beato, Manny Acosta and Parnell allowed 1R on 5H in final 4 frames. Bea-to! Bea-to!!…

• Fernando Martinez picked up 2 more hits — a quick start to spring — BMF is dying to get hyped about this kid again 

Bravo Beltran 

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

What a great day Monday was, the real start of the baseball season. 

I can read about pitchers and catchers and inter-squad games all day long but until I see live baseball on TV the season is yet to truly begin. So I relished the chance to watch SNY’s first live game Mets v Nats.

But the big news broke even before 1st pitch was thrown when Beltran announced he would relinquish CF to Pagan and move to right.

Bravo Carlos for making this decision easy and drama free. It definitely scored him some points with the fan base. But even though I was elated to hear the news I’m also concerned about the state of LosB’s knee if he’s punting his position this early in spring.

As for the game:

Sure enuff the 1st ball hit to our new CF clunked off Pagan’s mitt as he went to the wall. It was definitely a tough play against a gusting wind but a Met fan had to appreciate the irony.

But Pagan responded with a solo shot to the opposite field. Yes the wind was blowing yesterday but I betcha Pagan exceeds his 11 bombs from a year ago.

Murphy looked pretty nifty defensively at 3rd making a couple of nice plays including an over the shoulder grab in foul territory.  Maybe young Daniel will surprise us and hit his way into the starting lineup. Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Did anyone else catch Darling’s goofy haircut? Maybe he was just having a bad hair day but the normally smoove announcer was definitely sporting a weenie-do.