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Mets Gotta Lotta AAAA Players

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Being called a AAAA player is generally an insult - a guy who kills AAA but cant quite make it in The Show. But that’s not how I mean it.

We seem to have a gang of budding MLB players, guys who deserve a shot in the Bigs but aren’t gonna get a chance b/c there just isn’t room.

I’m talking about guys like Lucas Duda, Nick Evans and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. All these guys can put the bat on the ball but I don’t think any of ‘em are making the club.

Then you’ve got Fernando Martinez, Brad Emaus and Pedro Beato. More talent worthy of at least a test drive in Flushing but again it’s possible none of them will be in Orange and Blue come opening day. 

Of course with Beltran and Bay in the OF we could see both Duda and Evans both in the lineup by tax day.

The funny thing is despite Beltran giving us a better chance to win I’d rather root for Lucas Duda.

Sure Enough Beltran Hits “Spring DL”

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

After just 1 spring game Carlos Beltran has been Spring DL’d for 4-5 days due to a “little tendinitis”.

Raise your hand if you find this incredibly alarming — yup me too. 

What are the odds that Beltran’s knee actually gets to a place where it’s healthy enough to play without pain? 

Pretty Friggin’ Slim!

Once again I stand by my observation about Beltran punting CF. The guy wouldn’t have given up his position unless he knew he was going to be hobbled all season. 


Perez surrendered 3R in 3IP but did manage to touch 89 on the gun. I guess we should be encouraged by improved mph but I gotta believe it’s only a matter of time before Perez gets his walking papers.

There’s an Alderson, Collins, Warthen meeting to discuss Ollie’s future so hopefully we’ll all be put if out our misery sooner than later…   


Shout out to Rick “The Jacket” Peterson for telling it like it is about the Met “collapse” in ‘07. 

Peterson sez it wasn’t a collapse at all - instead it was a complete lack of depth that prevented them from recovering from the losses of Pedro, El Duque and Billy Wags. 

He’s 100% correct and you realize as much when he reminds us the replacement players were essentially Brian Lawrence, Dave Williams and Jorge Sosa. 

Wow - those guys are so forgettable I couldn’t have given you one of their names if there was a gun to my head.

Izzy Finally Coming Home? 

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

The best part of Monday’s loss to the Tigers was watching one time Met super prospect Jason Isringhausen toss an effortless inning of scoreless ball. 

It’s great to see a member of the much bally-hooed and much maligned Generation K finally come home to roost. 

Izzy hasn’t made the team yet but he’s taken a quantum leap back towards the big leagues after being sidelined since June of ‘09 with Tommy John surgery. 

His stuff looked good Monday and his arm healthy which means the 38 year old is quickly moving towards a roster spot. 

BMF for one would love to see him in the pen all year.


Doc Gooden Update

There has been a lot of press announcing the new cast for the next Celebrity Rehab latest but from what I hear it’s all bullshit. 

Gooden was mentioned as a member of the cast but apparently VH1 is yet to even green light the next season. There seems to be some contract negotiations between the network and Dr Drew himself that is holding up the season but until there is a deal in place there will be no new show.

Someone leaked an alledged cast list but no one is admitting to the leak. Sounds like someone is putting information out there in an effort to force VH1’s hand to pay up and green light the next season.

Gotta love show business.

Beltran is Creaky

Monday, March 7th, 2011

I was very happy to see LosB back in action and immediately serve a single to right for his first hit in his first AB. Everyone is saying how great he looks but all told Beltran looked creaky to me. Yeah he rounded third and slide home ahead of the tag but he just looks less Beltran-ish than I’m used to.

His effortless gait isn’t there. Carlos proclaimed himself about 80% which is good since he’s got room for great improvement. Then again it’s a far cry from 100% and we all know Carlos’ game falls off when his legs are less than perfect. 

Unfortunately I suspect we’re gonna have a more diminished Beltran than we’re all hoping for.  mean why else would he walk away from Center?


I love watching Lucas Duda hit bombs. I’m hoping he gets AB’s once Beltran and Bay hit the DL. 


It feels good to see Mookie back in the Met family again - but to see Wilson with the number 53 on his back ain’t right. 

Shhhhhhhh — Chris Young Lookin’ Good

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Young tossed another 3 innings and is now yet to allow an earned run this spring across 2 starts.

I’m hesitant to start believing because a pitcher who is coming off major surgery always feels like he’s just one arm tweak away from being lost for the season. 

The thing is the upside Young possesses makes him super intriguing and that much scarier to start believing in.

But if Young has a healthy season ahead of him there’s no reason he can’t be the steal of the season.  


I like the size the Mets have in camp, and I’m not talking about the towering pitchers Big Pelf and Chris Young. 

Instead I’m digging the size of some of the young offensive players. Lucas Duda, Nieuwenhuis, Justin Turner, Brad Emaus…

Not sure any if these guys will have an impact this season but I feel like it’s been a long time since the Mets have had this many big dudes taking their cuts in the batter’s box.

Mex is Back

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Its not Met season until we see Keith Hernandez behind the mic. Ralph Kiner stopped by too which meant the announcing booth was in mid season form.

Ya gotta love spring baseball on SNY. There’s a lot the NY Mets do wrong but I give them props for numerous early spring broadcasts.

Couple thoughts from Thurs game:

• Perez looked respectable not walking a batter or allowing a run in 2IP. Word is he was close to being released before his start so it’ll be fascinating to see what happens next. I betcha there were many w/in organization rooting for him to get bombed so they could just cut him already.

• Ike Davis (2-2 Dbl, RBI) is getting crazy hype from Collins who predicts ‘a huge year,’ and sez he’s on his way to being ‘one of the best players in the league.’ I love it and I believe the exact same thing but it’s a lot of pressure to pile on the kid. I’m just sayin’…

• BMF’s favorite Met prospect Jenrry Mejia looked good but not dominant (0ER 1H 1K 2IP) You can’t expect lights out every outing plus his Mom is in need of surgery back in the DR so that’s gotta be on his mind too…

• K-Rod posted a scoreless inning. Best way to win back fans is pitch well.

• Really looking forward to watching Chris Young pitch