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BMF Rooting for Youth

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

It may sound crazy but I’m actually hoping Beltran isn’t ready to go when the bell rings because that should mean Lucas Duda will get some PT in RF. Honestly, I’m much more interested in seeing the young, hungry Duda play than Carlos Beltran and his no-cartilage knee.

Same goes for Bay. Although since last season was a total loss Bay does still feel like a new toy but overall I find myself more excited by the kids than the current crop of Mets.

Wright, Pagan, Ike, BigPelf, Niese and Parnell are all guys I can still get behind but the free agent acquisitions from previous administration (K-Rod too) just have the wrong energy attached to them.

Kids like Duda, Wilmer Flores, Darrell Ceciliani and Cesar Puello are fascinating. While Reyes, Beltran, and Bay are just sorta old hat. 

And yes I did just say Reyes!

Castillo Gone, Perez Gone, Wilpons Next?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Bravo to Sandy Alderson who successfully jettisoned Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez - now if Sandy can send Fred, Jeff and Saul packing next we’d really have a franchise we could root for.

I’m relieved we won’t have to endure relentless booing at the home opener - unless Fred or Jeff steps foot on the field that is. I think Alderson likely took the intangible negativity of fans booing their own players into account more than he’s willing to admit. No one, especially a new GM hired to clean up a current mess, wants home games poisoned by fan vitriol. 


Y’know the Mets are the only team going whose 2 biggest player personnel moves this off-season were releasing guys under contract. Most fanbases celebrate when a player is signed - too bad we’re reduced to waiting/rooting for players to get cut.

Only the Mets boys and girls, only the Mets.


Pelf got rocked in the 4th but was cruising until then. I’m worried about Pelfrey squaring off vs team aces all season. 

I think he can have a big year and take another step forward but it would be much easier to do so in the 2 slot.

C&C Boyz Makin’ Noise

Monday, March 21st, 2011

How bout Chris Young and Chris Capuano dominating spring training!?!

When we signed the odds are neither of these guys will bounce back to have a winning season but right now it looks like both men have regained their once great form.

I caught Sunday’s game on the Marlin network and Young was in complete control. Can’t wait to see this guy once the bell rings.


The best part of Castillo moving on is uniform number 1 will be returned to it’s rightful owner: Mookie Wilson.

The worst part is that Castillo may be signing with Philly to plug the hole created by Utley’s knee. Despite the unanimous hatred of him round here he can still hit. Sure his defensive range has diminished but he’s a much better player than anyone in NY is willing to give him credit for. 

He can certainly still beat you with a hit and even steal a base. Plus you know he’s going to be rejuvenated and super motivated playing against the Mets.


BMF is still pulling for Brad Emaus to win the second base job.

I’m also still hoping Met destiny child Pedro Beato makes the pen and sticks with the team. 


Can we puleezee release Perez already so we can all move on with our lives? 

Do you think Perez’ loss of velocity is a result of no longer being on the juice? 

Please Put Perez Out of His Misery

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Enough is enough already, it’s time to let Perez go. 

I don’t even hate him anymore - at this point I just feel bad for Ollie. 

Please don’t being the poor bastard to Queens and subject him to the boos.

And please don’t allow an environment of hostile Met fans booing one of our own to occur.

No one needs that.

It would be a terrible way to open a new season.

Castillo’s Release Bodes Well for Alderson’s Power

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

If you’re looking for a subtext to the long awaited release of everyone’s least favorite second baseman I’d say it’s a good indicator of where the decision making power lies w/in the organization. 

In other words if multi-millionaires are being given their outright release someone besides the Wilpons is calling the shots. 

Its certainly possible that ownership saw the writing on the wall and endorsed Castillo’s release but the Wilpons have always preferred to hold onto an unsuccessful employee simply because they don’t want to pay someone to go away.

Sending Castillo packing just feels like Alderson has the autonomy Duquette and Minaya never had with the meddling Jeffy “I wanna be GM” Wilpon leering over their shoulder.

Hopefully the Wilpons are on their way out as owners and this is one of the early signs of a new Mets era.


As for Castillo BMF genuinely wishes him well.

Luis, you were never as great as we hoped you’d be but aside from that dropped pop-up you were never anywhere close to sucking as bad as most Met fans liked to complain you did.

Personally BMF will remember you as a lighting rod and an under appreciated player.

That said, it was undoubtedly time for us to part ways. 10-1 sez he gets a game winning hit for the Phillies against us this season

Doc Diggin’ Celebrity Rehab

Friday, March 18th, 2011

The ‘86 Legendary Met update of the day comes from our buddy Dwight Gooden who is taking full advantage of his stint in Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab.

BMF got a call from Dwight thursday afternoon direct from the Pasadena Rehab Facility. If you watch the show you know patients are given limited access to a house phone and as a dedicated fan I could instantly picture the exact spot Doc was sitting while we spoke - it was undoubtedly a double take “is this really my life” moment for me. 

He’s already through the detox portion of the experience and has now “kicked” his heavy Ambien addiction.

Doc sounded as upbeat as I’ve ever heard him and was excited about the work he’s been able to get done with Dr. Drew. Part of the CelebRehab program is family members and sometimes friends will visit.  

Doc’s 24 year old son Dwight Jr, whose known as Lil Doc in the world of rap, visited his father this past week.

But the real surprise visitor was none other than ex-86 Met teammate Lenny Dykstra!

Holy Crap I can’t wait for this to air!


How bout Justin Turner making a late offensive push with 2 hits and 3 RBI including a 2B off Papelbon and the BoSox.

Word is cuts are a comming on Friday so don’t be surprised if Castillo and/or Perez are sent packing. 

Sounds like D-Murph will be a utility guy which means he is out of the running in starting 2B battle. 

Gotta say I still find it strange that Luis Hernandez is the leading candidate…