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Happy Opening Day… Almost

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Baseball kicks off it’s 2011 major league season today but not us. We have to wait… until Friday… Friday Nite.

I’m still overjoyed baseball is back and to celebrate I’m posting my favorite new comedic relief clip - an Angry Birds video from an Israeli TV network (who knew the Israeli’s were so funny?!?) If you’ve played Angry Birds this is hilarious…


Whattya doing fri nite as the Mets kickoff 2011? If you’re on the upper west side swing by Blondies on 79th bet B’way and Amstdm.

Unfortunately BMF has family plans in Jersey but I know Coop will be there and prob a few other All-Stars as well. Coop may be in dining room but if you’re in the bar and yell “Where’s BMF” 3x LOUD you’ll prob have a drinking buddy or 2 in pretty short order - lol

Quick Hits:

• If Dish Network is really about to drop SNY due to a carriage fees dispute why would they wait until this late to announce it? Or maybe this is just the first I’ve heard? 

• Wow what a dis for Castillo to get cut from the Phils. I wonder if this is the end of the road for Luis

Jason Bay - Worst Contract of the Decade?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


You know the regular season is fast approaching when mega-contract Mets start getting hurt. 

Yup, Jason Bay strained an oblique in the batting cage and is now on the shelf until further notice. To me this is a month long injury. Rib cage strains are tricky animals and you certainly don’t want to rush the guy back only to have him … blah, blah, blah… we all know the end of that sentence.

Meanwhile Bay and his 4yr/66M contract are now careening towards epic bust status. I can’t honestly think of  anyone with a new deal for the 20-teens (or whatever this decade is called) who has performed worse than Jason “6HR” Bay.

What are the odds the Mets pick up Bay’s 17M option in year 2014? Pretty slim considering Bay needs 600 PAs in 2013 or 500 PAs in both 2012, 2013 to activate the option.

The funny thing is I’m sorta relieved to hear this because I’d much rather root for Lucas Duda than either of the past their prime bros Beltran and Bay.


Remember when Eddie Kunz was the next big thing? Our closer in waiting? He was part of Omar’s revamped minor league system right? Well yesterday he was traded for a guy I’ve never heard of named Allan Dykstra (no relation to Nails) 


Vegas has the Met over/under at 74.5 — hmmmmm I’m takin’ the over. BMF is certainly not high on the Met fortunes this year but I think we can net 75 wins. I mean jeez they’d have to finish 7 games under .500 to lose that bet. Even I don’t think we’ll be that bad… But if it means the Wilpons have to sell I’ll gladly take the loss on that wager.

Poor Nick Evans

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Talk about a guy who’s been around the organization and has pretty much consistently hit but has nothing to show for it Nick Evans has become that guy.

The poor bastard has gotten the job done again this spring and once again finds himself on the outside looking in. 

Word is he’s being put on waivers. I wouldnt want to lose him but to be honest part of me hopes he gets picked up by another organization just so he gets a chance.

Sorta feel like he’s never gonna get a fair shake here in NY.

The Dog Days of Spring

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

It happens every year and once again we baseball fans find ourselves mired in the dog days of spring training.

Opening day is a within sight yet we’ve still got to slog through a handful of meaningless games.

As far as I’m concerned our team is set. Emaus will man second and fellow Rule 5′er Beato will be in the pen. 

Beltran should start on the DL with Duda in RF to open the season - although admittedly this is what I’m rooting for more than fact.

As for the final bullpen spot - who the F cares? I’ve never been a guy who gets too caught up in the last slot on staff or final spot on the bench. 

The truth is guys are in and out up and down all season so the “final” 25 man roster is a sort of silly term.

I’ll take Isringhausen merely for the storyline and he’s been throwing well.

Now let’s get to Friday and start playing baseball.

Schmifty & Big Pelf Reunite!

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

.Gotta love Met Super Fan and BMF HOF’er Schmifty who made her yearly trip to PSL. Schmifty is so down that Big Pelf knows her by sight - especially when she’s sporting the now legendary GO BIG PELF shirt.

The funny thing Schmifty observed is all the original crew who were instrumental in cementing the legend of the iconic blue shirts are all gone from the organization - Wags, Joe Smith and the trainers. Man, time flies!


Looks like Beltran is progressing better than expected - at least better than I expected.

The reports are very encouraging but 1 day of spring ball is a far cry from 6 games a week in the regular season.

Rule 5 Kids = Good PR Move

Friday, March 25th, 2011

It looks like the Mets have found their new second baseman — Rule5 draftee Brad Emaus.

The kid picked up no less than 4 hits on Thurs raising his OBP to .439 for the spring.

I love the idea of a Rule5 kid sticking with the team. It’s like stolen property that you can legally have just cuz you were slick enough to sieze the moment and steal it.

The last couple of years we’ve had R5 guys in camp but they never work out… Until this year when we may have 2 R5ers in Emaus and Brooklyn/Queens’ own Pedro Beato.

Beato, is looking like a lock for the pen. 

Mets would be smart to keep 2 R5′ers because the kids will get tons of press while making league minimum. I’m positive the fanbase will quickly get behind both guys if they make the team. And from ownership pov they’re a helluva lot cheaper ways to rally the fan base than shiny new free agents. 

Meanwhile word leaked that more than 1 potential investor walked away from Mets offer after seeing the books.

And what are the odds those books aren’t cooked, just a little bit.

Y’know just a little Madoff magic touch…when no one’s looking… Nuthin’ wrong with that right?