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AT&T Can Kiss My Ass

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Dear AT&T,

Go F*CK yourself! – and your shitty iPhone service.

I suffered with your awful/ borderline criminal company for over 2 years but my day has finally come. 

Viva Verizon!

Yes, Verizon now has the iPhone — and they even include the ability to make calls!

Inside tip there’s a Verizon counter inside the PC Richards at Atlantic and 4th Ave and they had got lotsa phones as of 3:00 thurs afternoon.

To quote Chico’s Bailbonds:

“Let Freedom Ring!”

Why Don’t Mets Sell to Fans?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

A Wall Street buddy of mine (Alex S) had an interesting suggestion last night: why don’t the Mets sell part ownership of their franchise to the fans ala the Green Bay Packers or the Cleveland Indians? CLE was partially fan owned for a period of time.

BMF is far from a financial expert and I certainly don’t claim to know how this would be structured but it sure does sound like a good idea. 

The way I see it 2 main advantages of this concept for the Wilpon’s would be: 

• This is likely the only way on earth the Wilpons can get an investor(s) to inject over 200M and not give away decision making power

• If the Mets were in part owned by their fans  it would change the way the fans feel about ownership for the better not to mention the Mets would be infinitely cooler than the Yankees.

I don’t know would you buy a piece of the Mets if shares were in the $350-500 range?

Maybe everyone hates the Wilpons so much they wouldn’t help bail them out of their latest ponzi scam?

Knowing the Mets they would offer shares of the team and run into the embarrassing problem of not selling out. I mean they’re still sitting on something like 10K Shea seats aren’t they?

BMF Rooting For Madoff vs Wilpons

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

That headline doesn’t really make sense but I sorta like the way “rooting for Madoff” rolls off your tongue.

In actuality I’m rooting for the $1 Billion lawsuit to bring down the Wilpons and force them to sell the Mets.

It sounds crazy to be rooting against your owners but I gotta say every single Met fan I’ve spoken to since this ugliness broke is hoping for the exact same thing.

I believe there are 2 main reasons for this wickedly negative sentiment:

• FIRST: No one trusts Jeff Wilpon to be the sole majority owner of this team. 

You gotta respect Fred, he’s a self-made man and I’ve always seen him as a respectable guy –although not so much anymore. But at least Fred keeps Jeff in check. I’ve heard some employees speculate that Jeff had aspirations to be GM — yikes!

Unfortunately once Fred is dead and the silver spoon Jeff, who’s accomplished nothing on his own, will have no one to answer to and will likely run the organization (even more) into the ground. 

• SECOND: This ponzi business all smells so dirty. The more that comes out the more it looks like the Wilpons knew they were complicit in some wrong doing. 

The NYT reported Fred was angered by Saul Katz saying “no one knows how he does it!” regarding Madoff’s returns. 

Y’know I might give them the benefit of the doubt if this was the first ponzi scheme they were caught up in but it wasn’t — it was the Wilpons SECOND time investing in some crooks ponzi scheme. 

Seriously who gets ponzi’ed TWICE?!?

If you’ve already been through a ponzi wouldn’t you be suspicious if you were getting ridiculous returns and “no one knows how he did it”???

I’m point blank not buying that the Wilpons weren’t aware something was wrong. They may not have known exactly what was up but if they didn’t know something was amiss they’re such horrible business men they don’t deserve to own a team.

Welcome to Worst Week in Sports 

Monday, February 7th, 2011

And there goes football for another year. The high school kids wrapped up in December, the Colleges in January and pros in Feb and now we enter the dead zone. 

8 days before pitchers and catchers report and nothing to do until then. 

If you’re like BMF you’re essentially uninterested in hockey (although I grew up a rabid Ranger fan) and aside from Syracuse, basketball does little for me (but if the Knicks get Carmelo or when the Nets move to BK…)

Luckily we Met fans have the demise of the Wilpons to follow everyday. Its become like reading the box score I check the paper ever morning to see how much deeper in shit the Met owners really are. This Madoff mess gets uglier by the day and it doesn’t matter which paper you pick up they’re all raking the Wilpons and Saul Katz over the coals.

Shout out to the NYT who seems to be doing an exceptional job uncovering the dirty details. Perhaps the Times’ higher brow demographic affords more insight to the Madoff crime ring than its tabloid counterparts but whatever the reason they’re killing it on this story and BMF is fascinated by every juicy detail.

Can Pagan Do It Again?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

First off, BMF is a huge Pagan fan. 

I think he may have been baseball’s most underrated player last year. But I gotta admit I’m worried if he can do it again.

Everyone is so focused on whether or not Beltran and Reyes can stay healthy but until last season Angel has always had difficulty staying on the field.

That’s why he’s finally breaking through at about 30 years old.

Every time he was about to win himself an everyday job he’d get hurt.  

There’s no way to predict this and it may simply be a case of luck either good or bad but in a perfect world we’d have contingency plans in the event Pagan goes down.

Wilpons Undisputed Kings of the Ponzi

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

So now the Wilpons have been involved in TWO ponzi schemes? 

I mean seriously who on earth gets ponzi’ed TWICE???

The illustrious owners of the NY Mets that’s who.

Interestingly in both cases they managed to get their money back, if not possibly more with Madoff, while others lost everything.

Monday’s NYT reported Wilpon and Saul Katz invested 29.7M in Bayou, a scam company run by a crook named Samuel Israel III. 

Apparently the Wilpons got wind something wasn’t quite right because they withdrew about 29M just a few months before the pyramid scheme came crashing down. 

The Wilpons were sued in the aftermath of that scandal and settled when they agreed to pay back 13M.

If this all sounds familiar it’s because it sounds like almost the exact same scenario thats playing out with the Madoff scandal.

The Wilpons sunk a whole bunch of money into their friend’s company. Over time they withdrew more than any other investor and when the racket came crashing down they end up getting sued.

At the very worst the Wilpons knew something was wrong and acted quickly to grab their cash before anyone else could get theirs. Thats a slimy move but I honestly can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.

At the very best the Wilpons are suckers.

Regardless ponzi scam number 2 is gonna be MUCH bigger than we’ve been led to believe.