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Fred, Jeff, Lucas, Terry and Luis

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

It’s great to see FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal stick up for Fred Wilpon by saying you won’t find an owner who will say a bad word about Fred.

To which BMF responds: Fred? No — Jeff? Yes. The problem with the Mets isn’t Fred Wilpon its Jeffy boy. 

I’ve heard from 4 or 5 people, from completely different walks of life, who have done business or discussed business with Jeff and every one of them has awful things to say about him. 

There are always 2 sides of the story and I haven’t gotten Jeff’s side of any of them so I won’t get into details but suffice it to sat Jeff is the reason every Met fan I know is hoping they’re forced to sell.


Another guy I’m excited to watch this spring is Lucas Duda. The Paul Bunyon-esque Met may not have a shot at making the big league roster but I’m looking forward to seeing him take some cuts in spring games.


So far I’m liking Terry Collins’ energy.


Why on earth isn’t Luis Castillo in camp early? I suppose it’s not fair to chastise a vet if he’s not late yet but c’mon Luis.  Then again maybe he sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t give a shit anymore.

Rooting for Beato to Save the Mets

Friday, February 18th, 2011

It may sound sorta ludicrous but I swear a kid like Pedro Beato just might be able to save the Mets this year even if ownership collapses around him. 

Of course, BMF is gonna root for a kid from Brooklyn but Beato has all the ingredients needed to be a child of destiny for us.

Born on the day the Mets last won the WS in ‘86, Pedro was a standout at Xavarian in Brooklyn which led to his favorite team drafting him… 

But then in typical Met fashion they refused to pay over slot to sign the kid so he was lost to BAL in the following years draft.

Now suddenly he’s back as a rule 5 player which means we have to keep him on the roster all year or he goes back to Baltimore. 

Look we need some cheap labor this year and a kid who can start or relieve and plays for league minimum might be the answer.

Now consider the fact that he’ll sell seats and will generate tons of great press all summer and BMF thinks we should keep this kid for the intangibles alone. 

Why not, what have we got to lose? 

Aside from Pedro Beato for the SECOND TIME!

Spring Thoughts

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Let’s get this season going with a few random thoughts / blasts:

• we gotta give Perez and Castillo a chance to succeed. Trust me I have next to zero hope for Perez but Castillo is better than the average Met fan wants to give him credit for.

• Sorry Luis. Sorry Murphy. BMF is rooting for Brad Emaus to win the second base job. I don’t even know why exactly. I always liked Murphy I guess I’m just looking for new blood to root for

• Does Jeff Wilpon really think we’re gonna believe him when he tells us they’re not selling controlling interest in the Mets. — OK Jeffy boy it’s not like the Wilpons haven’t already been exposed by NYT for being far less than honest.

• Psssst Jeffy, even your Daddy’s buddy Selig is publicaly saying he’s worried your family won’t be able to keep the Mets.

• Does having Madoff vouch for you from his jail cell help or hurt your credibility?

• Disappointed to hear Rays owner Stewart Sternberg isn’t interested in the Mets. Too bad the New Yorker would make a great owner.

• Looks like USS Maine is going to be signing with the Phils. I’ll take that as a sign he’s sure to regain his form.

City Gridiron Season 2

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Before BMF dives headfirst into baseball season I thought I’d roll out the sneak peek at City Gridiron Season 2 my docu-series on NYC Public School Football

We went off the hook this season covering 2 schools, Lincoln and Canarsie, one of the top recruits in the Nation, Ishaq Williams, and a championship game at Yankee Stadium

Details to follow about when and where we’ll be airing but we’re prob looking at 13 episodes this summer.

Stay Tuned…

Philly Has Become the NL Yanks

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

So Brad Lidge said it’s “World Series or Bust” for the Phils this year.

The truth is he’s right. Philly has transformed from a loser franchise into dominant team. And the way they reload every winter, and at the deadline, makes them the NL version of the hated Yankees.

Granted the Yankees are in a class of gluttony all their own but at this point it’s win the WS or the season is a failure for the Phils just like the yanks.

That’s a lot of pressure and teams have been known to crack under that weight before.

As far as the Mets are concerned we’re not winning squat this year so let Philly talk. I’m certainly not rooting for Philly to win the East but if they don’t, and we don’t, who’s gonna win… Atlanta?

I’d almost rather Philly keeps winning than the friggin Braves rise again.

ESPN Latest to Skewer Wilpons

Monday, February 14th, 2011

In case you missed ESPN’s Outside the Lines story on the Wilpons…

I guess because Larry King is vouching for his old friend we should believe our owners are completely innocent? Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

While I don’t think for a second the Wilpons knowingly began investing in Madoff’s scam it seems awfully hard to believe they didn’t suspect something was wrong. Especially when you consider this was their SECOND ponzi scheme.

2 ponzi schemes and a bunch of people on record warning “Madoff is too good to be true” may be all a jury needs to rule against the filthy rich, no personality Wilpons.

Imagine how a jury of real working men and women will judge Jeff Wilpon if he ever took the stand. The guy just reeks of silver spoon brat.

I don’t really care how this plays out so long as Jeff Wilpon never gains control of this team.