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Hallelujah - AT&T Loses iPhone Exclusivity!!!

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

If you’re like BMF you’ve become an obsessive slave to your iPhone despite the constant and infuriating lack of service.

Y’know fun stuff like fake signal bars, no service in midtown and monthly price gouging. BMF can’t even send a friggin’ text from my own couch. I have to walk to the window.

I swear I hate AT&T as much as I hate the Yankees. 

Luckily my foresight has paid off - I’ve resisted getting the new iPhone4 because of the new 2 contract that came with it. So now i’m free to leave the moment the Verizon store has ‘em in stock.

Slogan Suggestion:
“Verizon iPhone - Let Freedom Ring”

HOF-U Robbie Alomar

Friday, January 7th, 2011

All these years later I still hate Robbie F’n Alomar.

I guess I can’t begrudge his stellar career with the Indians and Jays but the guy was elected to the Hall Of Fame DESPITE his horrendous tenure with the Mets. 

It seemed like the moment he arrived in NY he became the emblem for an overpaid, overweight, and underperforming Met team. 

It just always looked like Robbie was half-assing it here. 

He tried to defend himself with this quote,

“There’s a lot of speculation about people saying I never cared about playing in New York, that I was dogging it in New York. I want to say to those people that I really cared when I was there in New York. I really loved New York. The New York Met organization was great to me. It’s just the team, we didn’t click together. We didn’t play good together. On the other hand, maybe we tried a little bit too much. It’s not that I didn’t care. Because I was the kind of guy that went out to the field every day, trying to win games. But it seemed like we didn’t do as good as we wanted to.”

Sorry folks, I’m not buying it. 

The cold hard facts are his bat never arrived and I can still see him bailing out at second while failing to turn 2. 

I think by the time he got here he was just ready to retire.

And whatever happened to those bizarre stories about Alomar giving his wife or girlfriend AIDS?? I never heard about that again one way or the other….

Regardless, BMF for one will not be applauding Alomar’s induction this summer.

3 Mets Can Benefit from ”Low Pressure” Season 

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Of course there’s no such thing as a low pressure season in the glare of the Gotham spotlight but I believe the fanbase views 2011 as a year of rebuilding which should give the Mets a VERY rare season in which the pressure is off.

BMF is nominating the 3 Mets most likely to benefit from the reduced glare:

• Jason Bay. Concussion or not year one in NY was a total bust. The only thing tougher than adjusting to playing in NY after signing a big contract is the exponentially increased pressure of season 2 following a bust. J Bay is catching a break here let’s hope he can take advantage.

• Jose Reyes. Our SS has enough pressure to perform considering he’s coming due for a new deal at season’s end. I expect Jose to regain his old form and for Met fans to fall in love with him again.

• Carlos Beltran. I don’t even know what to make of this guy anymore. He’s always hurt, generally underperforms, and obviously doesn’t like the attention that comes with his high profile role. The good news is LosB is primed for a big season with a little pressure coming off his head.

Oliver Perez does NOT make this list because pressure or not he’s a total mutt.

Mets Make Major* Moves

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

*Major in this instance shall be defined as anyone with previous major league experience and a pulse being added to the team

Sandy Alderson waded deep into the free agent pool to sign LHP Chris Capuano and RHP Taylor Buchholz.

BMF is all for these guys considering they come cheap, Capuano 1.5M and Buchholz 600K base, and they’ve both got very tangible upside.

Capuano is an ex-below the radar stud who won 18 games in ‘05 and was an All-Star in ‘06. Last year he was primarily a reliever but he did start 9 games so he just might end up in the rotation for us.

As for Buchholtz the guy was a top prospect at one point but now after an elbow injury he’s trying to pick himself up off the scrap heap.

Still though is Taylor can regain the strength in the elbow that cost him the entire ‘09 season he could be a star in our pen.

Hey, in this winter of a Pirates budget in Queens I think you gotta be happy with these guys.

BMF’s New Fan Approach for 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I think I need a new strategy to enjoy this year as a fan.

The last few seasons I’ve deluded myself into believing the Mets were a better team than they were. And I was pissed off and frustrated when they didn’t win. 

But BMF ain’t falling for that trick again.

In fact the deck feels so stacked against us - injuries, busts, budget restrictions and the Phillies - that I don’t think we can qualify for the playoffs.

So I’m not gonna beat myself and the team up over every loss  because I’m chalking 2011 up as a rebuilding season for team Alderson. It’s only fair for the fanbase to give the new sheriff time to implement his system. 

Therefore my New Years Wish is simply for some positivity in Queens this summer.

After all the negativity the past few years we all deserve some positive vibes across a 162 games.

If our players can stay healthy, play passionately and we’re looking like a team that will be better in 2012 I’ll be happy.

At this point I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect more than that.