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Can’t See Trading Pagan

Thursday, November 11th, 2010


Its absolutely a topic worth discussing but in the end I think Pagan is more valuable to us in uniform than a trade chip. 

He’s cheap, productive, young and cheap. 

I don’t buy into his not being happy in right opposed to center.  
This guy is no primadonna, Angel plays his ass off everyday  no matter what. 

Plus lets be honest, with Beltran’s track record odds are Pagan will still get 100 starts in CF having an everyday job.


Woulda loved to see Ike Davis win the Gold Glove but it’s simply unreasonable to expect him to beat out Pujols in his rookie season. 

Dig out whatever bizarre stat you like to argue Davis’ case, and you’ll get no objection from BMF. But the truth is this kid has PLENTY of years ahead of him to earn some hardware… and he probably will.

DePodesta Joins Front Office Dream Team

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

So far Sandy Alderson is F’n KILLING it as Met GM!

Never in my life have I been so excited by front office hires, let alone guys that aren’t even the GM. In my estimation Ricciardi was a very solid get but Paul DePodesta is an absolute HR.

This triumvirate can transform the Mets to the respectable, winning and confident franchise we’ve all been wanting.

If you want to pick apart either JP or DP on some questionable moves they made during their respective GM tenures that’s fair - especially DePodesta’s decision to trade Paul LoDuca who at the time was unquestionably the emotional leader of the Dodgers. 

But the beauty of these hires is neither man has the autonomy to trade a player. They’re here to bring their individual strengths to the team and of course they both answer to Sandy Alderson who I already trust implicitly.

Oh sure I’d like to add a couple of free agents but I swear I’m content to sit on the sidelines for a year while these guys get us going in the right direction.

I’d Take Wally as Bench Coach

Monday, November 8th, 2010

… If he doesn’t get the skipper gig.

Sorta funny how little info has come out regarding Wally’s interview this weekend. Word is Wally thinks it went very well but haven’t heard much more than that.

But since there’s suddenly all this buzz about Terry Collins as the frontrunner for the job I’m wondering about the possibilities of Wally in the dugout without the manager’s title.

The Post, or was it the News(?), last week suggested Wally wouldn’t accept anything less than a skipper gig but I’m not buying that for a second. 

Why on earth wouldn’t he take a coaching job? If he wants to manage there are 2 paths: manage in the minors or coach in the bigs. And for a guy who was on the blackball list just last year it seems to me a coaching gig in the bigs is a pretty good deal.

The flip side is would Wally make a good coach or does he need to be the man in charge? 

Definitely something for management to consider…

Wally Would be Good for Met Brand

Friday, November 5th, 2010

One of the things ya gotta love about Backman is the drama that precedes him.

BMF would love to see Wally as met manager but I find it hilarious how much news seems to be swirling around him before he’s even had the chance to interview.

First Wally is slated for an interview, then he’s not, then Adam Rubin and the Mets allegedly have dirt on Wally but won’t reveal it. This dirt is supposed to prevent the ‘86 Met from getting the job but next thing we know he’s on the list  & Mets sent to fans.

The way I see it this is NY and we need fire in the dugout. 

I like Hurdle as an option but the Met brand would benefit from a skipper like Wally or Bobby. I think it’s safe to assume Bobby’s not coming back (hasn’t been mentioned once as a candidate, and now word comes of a rift with Fred) so Backman is the guy to energize the fanbase and the media.

Hate to take a page from the yankee playbook but Billy Martin helped to put that franchise back on top. His fire and passion was at once his best and wort asset and I’d take Wally under those same conditions.

Yes Wally may do some outrageous shit and drink too much along the way but his teams will fight till the last out, the fans will come back and we’ll instantly be on par with the Yankees for media coverage…

Well at least we’ll quickly close the gap.

Ricciardi Added to Alderson Arsenal

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

BMF is a big fan of adding ex-Jays GM JP Ricciardi as a special assistant to Alderson. 

I don’t think I’ve EVER been excited by a front office hire under a GM the way I am by Ricciardi. This is fantastic hire as we essentially get a second GM working in the Met front office. 

I mean who would you rather have, Omar and Tony “No Shirt” Bernazard or Alderson and JP?

If you told me a month ago JP Ricciardi would be the Met GM I would’ve believed you so to add him as the number 2 guy seems like an almost coup.

JP left Beane’s A’s for an 8 year tenure in Toronto as GM that had it’s ups and downs. He never won the division but when you’re in the AL East it’s almost not fair. 

On the plus side he did build baseball’s best pitching staff one season which is all the more impressive considering 38 games vs the yanks and Sox alone can sink a team ERA.

But the best part about this is the message its sends loud and clear. Sandy Alderson is assembling a team of top notch execs to lead the Mets into the future and I’m feeling more confident in the direction this team is headed by the day.


Bad news for Backman

According to Adam Rubin the Mets know some things about Backman that is not public info that will essentially preclude him from getting the managerial job. 

Hmmmm, I wonder what that might be and I also wonder if Wally will get a courtesy interview anyway…..

SF and NL are WS Champs!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Despite feeling torn last week about who to root for my NL roots came thru in the end as I found myself very happy to see the Senior circuit beat the AL.

Ya gotta hand it to Frisco a team that has FOUR home grown starters in it’s postseason rotation - the only guy who was left out was mega-free agent Zito.

Maybe one day we’ll have a similar success story…


Now word comes down there are NO managerial interviews scheduled for this week which instantly makes a Wally fan like BMF nervous about my candidate getting the gig. No interviews isn’t bad news per say it’s just that I’m not sure Backman will get an interview at all so this feels like a step backwards for Wally.