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Why No Football at CityField?

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Yankee Stadium is playing host to at least 3 football games this winter while CityField lies dormant.

First in the BX was ND vs Army, a week from today will see the PSAL (Public School Athletic League) Champion crowned and Dec 30th is the Inaugural Pinstripe Bowl.

Incidentally the PSAL Championship game features Lincoln vs Fort Hamilton in an all Brooklyn Final. 

BMF’s television project “City Gridiron” has been embeded with both Canarsie and Lincoln Varsity Football programs this season and I’ll be roaming the sidelines of the Championship game camera in hand. 

City Gridiron Season II will see 13 episodes as opposed to the 2 hour film that runs on MSGVarsity. We haven’t settled on a home for broadcast yet but I’ll keep ya posted when that becomes official.

Meanwhile the Yankees get all the buzz and cache of hosting football games in December and the Mets stet nothing. And I can’t believe the turf will suffer that much.

I believe the yanks removed all infield grass and filled the gaping square patch with sod. Hey if they can donut so can we.

The Final Days of USS Maine

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Once upon a time John Maine was a symbol of everything that was good and right about the NY Mets. 

In fact Johnny’s ascension pretty much solidified my belief that Omar was the GM to lead us to the promised land. Maine was quickly becoming a cheap, young, high end number 2 starter who could hold down the rotation for years to come.

But then he started getting hurt. And the magic never returned. 

Today Maine is a symbol of a failed era and it’s time for us to part ways. Injuries and ineffectiveness have become the norm and if he’s gonna pull a Carl Pavano it’s gonna have to be with another team.

I can’t possibly see Sandy Alderson spending 2.5M on USS. with less than 10M to play with this year there’s no way they allocate that much to a question mark.

What Are You Thankful For as a Met Fan?

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

First and foremost BMF is thankful this organization seems to finally be headed in the right direction… But I’ve thought that before so…

I’m thankful we’re not gonna sign any hi-priced free agent busts this year… But thats a double edged sword considering we won’t be inking even medium free avens this winter.

I’m also thankful for BlondiesJake contributing a post yesterday lol

What Met related thanks do you have this holiday weekend?

Should Mets Make Run at Jeter?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Instead of disecting the Terry Collins press conference - which btw I thought went very well - I would like to announce BMF’s Inaugural FEATURED GUEST WRITER:


The Yankees have called Derek Jeter’s bluff and told him if he doesn’t like their offer, he should test the free agent market.  If I were the Mets, I would trump the Yankees offer to Jeter and bring him to Queens.
I know everybody just read that statement and threw up in their mouths.  I’m not so delusional I think Jeter would solve the Mets pitching problems or even be a massive boost to the lineup.  But hear me out. 

If the Mets sign Jeter:

1 - It would solve the team’s 2B problem by moving Jose Reyes over there.  Hello Jeter, goodbye Luis Castillo.  Anybody have a problem with that exchange?

2 - It would solve the franchise’s credibility issues.  Jeter is the face of baseball.  Signing him away from the Yankees would make the Mets a team taken seriously by other free agents.  Right now, the Mets are a laughingstock.

3 - It would help with locker room chemistry.  He’s a captain for a reason.  Guys wouldn’t pull the crap they’ve pulled in previous years with Jeter around.  Want Reyes to play hard all the time?  Jeter would help with that. 

4 - It would help the new GM and manager.  Bringing in a winner makes everybody look good and gives them some breathing room because people can’t say the team didn’t sign a high profile free agent.

5 - It would put more butts in the seats.  We all know tickets aren’t selling with the collapses and outright disasters the past few years. Jeter would bring thousands more in the stands which would help the team economically.

6 - The Mets would own the back pages of the tabloids.  Heck, they would own the front pages.  In an offseason where it’s likely the Yankees will sign Cliff Lee, this move would resonate more with NYers and baseball fans around the country.  If the Mets can’t beat them on the field, why not beat them in the media.

7 - George Steinbrenner would roll over in his grave.

The worst thing that could happen if the Mets tried to do this is the Yankees would overpay EVEN MORE for their captain.  That’s a win in itself.

Of course, Mets management never does the right thing, so this won’t happen.  But I would do it in a heartbeat!

Blind Date at 11AM

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The press conference to introduce Terry Collins commences at 11 tuesday morning and it sorta feels like a blind date… or even worse, a prearranged marriage.

This man is about to be our skipper for the next 2 years and while I’m definitely familiar with his name I really don’t know anything about the guy — aside from the fact that there was a player revolt against him in Anaheim.

Not knowing the details I find it hard to judge, but I will admit I’m a little nervous about tuesday. What if we meet him and don’t like him.  What if he seems like an uptight dick as has been whispered about.

We knew who Willie was before he came on board. Art Howe too, albeit to a lesser degree, but I felt like I had a general read on Howe whereas I have virtually no familiarity with Collins. 

So I’m excited and apprehensive at the same time about this but I really don’t k ow what to expect…
Perhaps we should bring flowers? 

If Sandy Sez Collins I’m Good With Collins

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Am I disappointed Wally didn’t get the gig? Yeah

Am I surprised? No

Am I unhappy with Collins? Not at all

I think at this point Met fans have to give Alderson and his regime our full confidence. I gotta believe the Mets have a more defined direction, not to mention less meddling from Jeffy, than we’ve had in recent history. Since this is what we all wanted we’ve got to trust smart moves are being made.

So BMF for one. Is going to choose to trust in Collins until I have reason not to.

There are some odd stories about players uniting against him in ANA but I don’t really know the dirty details and who’s to say he didn’t learn from that experience over a decade ago.

I’m really looking forward to the tues press conf when we’ll get a chance to hear from Terry and begin to get to know him.

I hope Wally gets another managing gig as opposed to a big league coaching job. I’d love to see Wally work his way up and succeed Collins in a few years. Allowing Wally to grow with a generation of players can become a great Met story if they all work their way up to the bigs together.

But of course we’re still waiting on official word on all of this…