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Alderson SMASH Hit

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Now this is a guy BMF can get behind as GM.

Alderson dazzled as he was announced as the new sherrif in town. He inspires confidence, he feels like the smartest exec in the room and he looks like he’s got a plan.

My favorite part of Alderson is he believes in a firey manager.

“I love a manager who will kick ass and take names and go toe-to-toe with an umpire. It’s part of the entertainment value.”

THANK YOU, Sandy. Man BMF has been preaching that ever since Art Howe was in the dugout. A passionate Skipper who wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to kick some dirt when his team needs someone to stand up and fight.

Oh, man I’m so excited to sit back and watch what Alderson does.

I feel like we’re in finally headed in the right direction.

Here Comes Sandy

Friday, October 29th, 2010

While Guillermo Mota retiring Jeff Franceour to end game 2 of the WS was a far cry from Yanks/Phils the irony of two ex-Mets facing each other to close out thursday’s game was not lost on BMF.

Meanwhile we Met fans sit patiently waiting for our franchise to move forward but that begins at 2:00 with the Alderson press conference.

A friend mentioned Clint Hurdle to me as a possible skipper and the more I think about Clint the more I like the idea.

It’s a Happy World Series - Go… Giants? 

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I realize the networks and advertisers are disappointed the Yankees aren’t in the Fall Classic but frankly it’s a breath of fresh air to have some new blood playing in Nov.

Plus wasn’t it an absolute pleasure to watch the yanks and Phils die back-to-back on strike 3 looking.

Generally BMF falls strictly by the partisan lines of NL over AL no matter what the WS match-up is, although this year I gotta say I sorta like Texas.

I don’t dislike the Giants per say, but I can’t say I’m rooting for then. Their pitching is formidable but in my opinion they just don’t have enough offense to warrant that WS trophy. 

The Rangers are an exciting team - and they just feel more like a team worthy of World Series Champs - game 1 loss not withstanding. They’ve certainly had their fair share of “Met years” by spending a crapload of money for subpar squads. But now they sorta kick ass.

Weird to see Lee get lit up like that. I guess maybe he was nervous? Or just off his routine? 

But I’m guessing he’ll be lights out again in game 4.

Alderson Gets the Gig?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Alderson Gets the Gig?

Late nite buzz broke that Sandy Alderson is slated to get the GM position for our Mets. 

This is probably a great move by the Mets and certainly not a bad one. Alderson is a proven baseball guy with enough respect in the game to give the entire organization the instant credibility we so desperately need.

The interesting wild card here is Texas GM Jon Daniels. The Queens born, Met fan bred, wunderkind who just took TX to the WS actually has an out in his contract this off-season should he choose to exercise it..

Whispers are that he sent word to Wilpons through “back channels” that he hoped they’d wait until the World Series was over to make this hire.

But the Wilpons are not waiting and I can’t say I blame ‘em. 

I’d venture to guess if Daniels “finishes the job” by winning the Series his chances of leaving for Queens increase - so maybe it’s worth the wait. But if they lose I’d think he’d almost have to go back and then we could be left looking like fools - yet again.

Daniels has built a fantastic team in just a few short years. I understand there’s a newly signed YES Network-esque TV deal adding to the Rangers’ coffers now which means more money to spend on players… and the GM.

With our luck he’s prob just angling to play the Mets as leverage and nothing more. But if he were to return home and  lead us to the promised land how great would that be…???

It’s tempting, but I’m happy with Sandy.


Yankee Fans Officially the WORST in Baseball

Lemme get this straight - the clown ass, drunk ass Yankee fans spit at, threw beer on and cursed out Cliff Lee’s WIFE when she was at the stadium???!!!???

Meanwhile BMF couldn’t be happier because it all but ensures Lee will not be a Yankee next season. 

BMF sez 6-1 Lee’s back in Texas next year.


Monday, October 25th, 2010

After a lengthy battle with a mysterious malware issue BMF is finally back on-line.

The result is we had to delete ALL previous posts dating back to the site’s launch in April of 2006. Apparently there were spam comments on old threads that Google didn’t like.

Oh well, most of those years are worth forgetting anyway, plus it’s time to look forward.

How awesome was it to see the Yankees AND Phillies get bounced back to back like that?!?

It was so sweet to witness A-Rod watching the final pitch of the Yankee season as the ump rang him up.

Now that A-Rod is back to sucking in the postseason last year’s playoff success is looking like an aberration. Most of all the pressure that came off him this year will be back on next.

Great for Texas to finally beat them. The Rangers have a great team down there. I’ll be rooting NL in the Series but I wouldn’t be mad if the Rangers won it all.

The Yankee loss allowed me to fully root against the Phils vs the Giants.

My logic was the Phillies had a better chance to beat the yanks than SF who was bound to freeze up and choke vs the NY Yankees in the WS.

But now that the yanks are dead I’m SF Giants all the way!!!

We’re back!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

(from BMF’s webmaster)

You know that we have recently been characterized by Google as possibly distributing malware. The truth is that back in 2007 and 2008, before we were as smart as we are now about filtering comments, a few comments sneaked through that contained links that (if you were stupid enough to click on them) could take you to a site that could have installed some kind of problematic software onto your computer. Google has started looking for such links, and finding them in these very old comments, has been blocking the entire site. Since there is no realistic way to find and delete just these old potentially dangerous links (there have been over 250,000 comments since BMF began), we have decided that the simplest way to keep going is to wipe out the entire history of the site and start over again. So that is what we have done, and we hope that you understand.